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It is midnight  at the Australian Open Tennis.  The stadium is full of people enjoying a well played exciting tennis match.    They have been watching for hours breathing the same air ,  shouting their  special player on,  all in the same mood enjoying themselves.     Life up until the Tennis started  was one of lockdowns , neighbour sniping on neighbour , police  issuing fines for so called wrong doings.  In other words miserable!
It was the Australian Open and we, the people, were having fun.
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The Tennis season started, something different , something not political ,   something to take our minds off  the misery of life at the moment.  A step back in time , a nice time when we yelled encouragement to the player and clapped with  glee at a smart shot across the court.   But what did we end up with.  ?
Melbourne  was placed in Lockdown again and orders were issued that as from midnight;  no one was allowed out or at any gathering.   These people had been there for hours , then they were given orders to leave... can you imagine how they felt, the game was nearing its  climax , not long to go before the winner was known.     How do you think the players felt … robbed of the cheering audience  , robbed of the extra energy they put into the air with their enthusiasm .  All to show  how a man can   order a mass of people around.   
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They could have just as easily finished the evening, all packed up their belongings, laughed and chatted about what a beaut  time they had had , what an exciting game ….    and happily made their way home.     Players would have  been given a big cheerful thank you for entertaining everyone but NO .   What a way to end the game!!!!!
Talk about throwing your weight around ,  Power Hungry  is hardly the  word for it.  Absolute Control.  
Absolute control over every living soul. 
The future? 
Is this what we have to look forward to? 
Being told to go home and we all just do what we were ordered to do?
With no crowd to cheer or fans to clap and appreciate what these athletes do, it had lost its magic. 
Where is the fun?  Where is the energy?
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Will tennis players ever come back to Australia after this? 
I think that is very much in doubt.
Without the audience the interest in the game is lost.
When we cannot cheer or act or react what is the point in even watching?
For me, there is no point.  

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