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The Space Guardians and military forces of the entire society are in support of their leader and have sworn allegiance to him and their flag.
Imagine that they see everything they hold dear is about to be stolen and that they would be commanded to work for a regime that saw them as cannon fodder and was about to use them to persecute the people they swore to protect - their fellow citizens - and that soon they would be guilty of treason should they fail to do as they are ordered.
Imagine that?
What a plotline for a Sci Fi novel that even Peter F Hamilton would find riveting to write. 
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There would be several ways this epic space opera could play out. The evil usurper of justice would be sworn in and the old God Emperor would limp off and play space golf until he was assassinated or die from a sudden attack from a mutant star goat or a virus from the planet of Bat Dragon.
The book would be over in about 6 chapters and feature a group of renegade loyalists battling it out in the jungles and wastelands of a planet like Faraway or the sewer pits that urban areas had become. They would be overcome and eventually be injected with a vaccine to destroy the genetic flaw that made them non compliant.
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Hollywood would turn it into a box office flop, the actors playing the roles of the insurgents would all be non binary constructs and the characters would be portrayed as insane and diseased virus carrying misfits in need of a good rest, a lie down and a hearty dose of liberalism.
The other story line is that the God Emperor steps up to the plate and declares himself a dictator and locks all of his opposition up.
Within weeks, the Space Media Corporations would have him hated by all and he would end up assassinated, eaten by a mutant star goat, dying of a virus from the planet Bat Dragon or all of the aforementioned. This would probably last 5 chapters and the person to play the role in the Hollywood production would be played by Alec Baldwin and he would be nominated for an Acadmey Award for Best Actor in a Reality TV documentary. The God Emperor's wife ( played by Kathy Griifiths ) would walk on stage and receive the award carrying the real head of the God Emperor and the world would cheer loudly  " off with his head ! " only to realise it was probably already a done deal and sitting on a spike somewhere outside the Oval Office on Planet Bat Dragon.

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If I was writing the story, I would have a different story all together.
The Space Guardians and the Military Forces would get together and decide that it was pointless to have the God Emperor come back until they knew that he was in a position to rule as a fair and just leader of HIS people, for HIS people and ultimately BY his people. They would know that this was their last chance to ensure that it was the PEOPLE who ruled and that the place of the God Emperor was to make sure that this occurred.
They would then set a trap. A clever trap, but one fraught with danger for them, for the God Emperor and the people that they swore to protect.
It would be dangerous and would need total commitment, total loyalty and only those most trusted would know of their plan.
As a lion waits for the exact moment to strike its prey, they would wait. And wait. One false move would trigger disaster.
As the God Emperor is ready to walk off in to the sunset, ready to face the demons from hell, they are in the grass, the trees and the skies. They are waiting. And watching. Until the time is right to spring their trap.

Troops National Guard US Capitol 2

The triumphant usurpers from Bat Dragon march on the capital to claim their bounty: the crown to the centre of the Universe. Under the guise of a wall of protection, they snare the usurpers in a trap from which there is no escape.
They pounce and declare martial law. They arrest all of the evil doers and traitors and try them in military courts. They throw the country into a chaos of uncertainty and fear.
Without a leader, only the Space Guardians and the Military Forces have any power.
They begin their cleansing and invite the God Emperor to become their new leader. He humbly accepts their challenge and promises to uphold their beliefs in a free world ruled by the people for the people.


The date of his inauguration is March 4th, the date originally set under the Constitution of the Universe as the day that the new leader is appointed.
The planet of Bat Dragon is in shock. The people of the world rejoice and peace reigns almighty. Because everyone now knows that, just as it was always intended, the people rule the Universe, the people ARE the military and the Space Force ARE the guardians.
I hope you like my story. It won't win any Academy Awards but I can assure you that it would be a damned sight better read than the other two alternatives.


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