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Once, truth could be spoken and truth could be broadcast as truth. Now, we are entering an era where truth must be told in allegory - so as not to offend the Woke Wankers who are now in charge of the western world.

Allegory is where you tell a story that has no resemblance to the message you are putting across, other than its ability to make your mind go " wow... that reminds me of what is happening right now. 

I am fortunate. Having lived many decades and many lives, I have many situations on which to draw to paint a picture of how things are... without actually saying " how things are. "

I am equally fortunate that most of my writers are of more mature years and have many experiences on which to draw. We can, as Feather did yesterday, draw on those memories, to paint a picture that is probably more powerful than had she just comes out and said what she (perhaps) wanted to say.

I was a trainer in adult learning.Some years ago. It has always been my belief that, within a group of people, someone knows something that no one else knows. Put all of that knowledge together and you have a mind as big as a planet.

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Collective knowledge is a treasure trove worth rummaging through. In every post on social media, every haphazard comment, every random reply - there is a nugget of gold. 

Mr Zuckerberg and Mr Dorsey have forgotten this wisdom.

 All of us who post on social media have our " off days. " We say things we regret and wish we could turn back the clock and withdraw the email, the comment, the put down or the ill worded conversation we had with someone we called a friend.

Alas, we cannot. 

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The poorly worded reply that we made on a telephone call. The slamming down of the "receiver " as I call it or the email or reply we posted that said " that is it! You are banned from my life " or similar.

Life is full of regrets. Things we wish that we had said or things that we wish we could take back.  Things we did and wish that we had not done. Things we did not do and wish we had done. 

Over the 6 and a half decades of my life, I have come to regret what I said, did not say, did and did not do. 

But I can say, hand on heart, that I NEVER deliberately set out to hurt someone intentionally, nor did I ever set out to damage someone intentionally.  

INTENT is key to this situation we find ourselves in: Did President Trump INTEND to hurt his followers? Did he INTEND to hurt America? Did he INTEND to do that with which he is accused?

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No. A thousand times NO.

However, did so many others deliberately set out to hurt their country? 


The Hounds of Hell are marching into Washington DC and all I can say to the supporters of Biden is 


Be careful what you wished for. 

IF the Coup that is at work at present in America succeeds, you will see a new Patriotrealm. It will be one of allegory, analogy and satire.

We are a bunch of old buggers who value our freedom and - if we cannot speak in the open, we will speak in stories. 

Because, last time I looked, telling a yarn wasn't banned. 

And we, between the lot of us, have many yarns to tell.





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