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How many of us heard that when we were kids?  Well, boys and girls, there are a few kids who are going to be in big trouble when Papa Trump gets back home and starts getting cranky at what has been going on while he has been " away."

And when Dad gets cranky, we all know that it will not be pretty.

Little Nancy is going to be in trouble. And little Barack is already wondering what Papa will do to him when he walks in through the door. Poor Mikey the guy who got 30 pence for dobbing Daddy into the nasty neighbours will be considering his options on toilet training because he must be soiling his diaper/nappy right now.

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Uncle Joe is still hiding in the basement because little Hunter has been a very naughty boy. Aunty Karmala is still working at Walmart and hasn't resigned to help Uncle Joe get rid of Dad; just in case Papa gets home and reads the riot act. 

I wouldn't mind betting that Jack and Mark are not feeling real flash as well. I bet they are putting a book in their trousers so when they get a dose of Daddy discipline, it won't hurt too much. Unfortunately, it won't do them any good because when he whops them, they will not be fearing for their little backsides; they will be in for a grounding unlike anything they have seen before.

Fortunately all of the good kids will be smiling and the household will become normal again, once Dad gets home.

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The question of course is this: when is our father coming home? He might be on a flight right now. He might be walking up the driveway. We don't know.

But one thing I know for certain is that he IS coming and, when he does, all the good kids, all the well behaved kids will start cheering and hugging him and hoping he never leaves home again.

Because it has been proven that without Dad, the household falls to pieces and none of us kids like it when he is gone.


I have just been reminded of a passage from the Bible ( a dear friend just mentioned it )  so I put it here to ponder:

And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.

Matthew 10:21

The family that we call our country and countries is falling apart. 

Please come home soon, Dad. We miss you and need you .


your devoted child, America. 

PS Your children from around the world want you back as well.

We can't wait till you come stomping through the door and sort this mess out.

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