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In the middle of what must the biggest calamity to afflict our Nations in many decades, many countries are still being overwhelmed with " refugees ". Nigel Farage has highlighted the problem in the UK where boats are seemingly being escorted into British waters by the French Navy.

“What we know is that a French naval vessel has been seen escorting boats out of French waters to get them into British waters… then they are off their hands,” said Nigel Farage, back in May. Things have only gotten worse with 3500 crossing the Channel so far this year, according to Breitbart. .

So often, we hear the left crying about ending world hunger and misery. But is it not simply a drop in the ocean and, no matter what we do, it will never be enough? Throwing the doors open to the " poor"  is an insurmountable problem and all that will happen is that we will be overwhelmed as well. The worldwide movement of people has been a recipe for disaster for some time. 

And we now have that disaster. 

No matter how well intentioned our efforts are, we can NEVER do enough. 

When America opened its doors to migration, all migrants arrived at Ellis Island. From 1892 to 1954, approximately 12 million  migrants came to Ellis Island where they were screened for health issues and only allowed to enter America once they were found to be fit and healthy. 

 1280px Arriving at Ellis Island LCCN2014710704

Surely we, throughout the world, should be reinstating this sensible programme? After all, what is the point in locking down our populations to minimise infection from others - yet still allow visitors and new arrivals to sign a piece of paper and declare that they are not sick? 

Only this week we saw a man arrive in Australia from Afghanistan, travel from Sydney to Maroochydore in Queensland and then drive to Toowoomba... infected with Covid-19 but allowed to travel because he said that he was a Consular Official. What an absolute joke. One, that it should not matter a jot if he was a Consular Official and two, it turns out that he was not.... 

What is wrong with us? 

Democrats in America are wanting to give the vote to illegal aliens. What a kick in the guts this is to those who have won the honour and privilege of Citizenship by following the rules and applying to enter America legally.

In New Zealand, Saint Xindy aka Jacinda Ardern must be feeling very pleased with herself. Behrouz Boochani  was invited to come to New Zealand on a one month speaking tour. He has now been granted asylum. This man was a Kurdish-Iranian refugee who was detained on Manus Island for trying to enter Australia illegally 6 years ago. This decision by New Zealand has not gone down well with Australia, whose tough policies on illegal migration have now seemingly been derailed by New Zealand. I doubt that the free movement between our two Nations will last much longer, if New Zealand becomes a back door to migrants...?

download 2020 08 05T105944.236

Countries like Hungary have stood firmly and closed their borders to the hoardes of country shoppers who are flooding Europe with their need to be fed, housed, clothed and catered to in terms of their Religious and ethnic beliefs. 

In this time of global economic and health emergencies, why on earth are we still taking in more people? Surely we have an obligation to look after our own populations?  The unemployment figures are going to be confronting, to say the least. The drain on the public purse is already out of control, so surely this is a time to stabilise our economies, our health care systems, our National responsibilities? 

download 2020 08 05T110121.261

As I have said before, we can only tend to the needs of others when our own family has been looked after. 

And I have genuine concerns that now is NOT the time for Human Rights largesse to override our need to look after our own. 

Until this mess is sorted, we cannot continue to open our doors and homes to people who will contribute little and simply further strain our already strained health systems and purse strings.

We must have off shore quarantine stations for returning Citizens. Forget this abysmal hotel quarantine. Open Christmas Island, open our detention centres and commence controlled health screening, mental health screening and security screening. 

download 2020 08 05T110331.812

Anyone who finds that draconian need only look at what is happening in Victoria right now. Far better to contain the ill and allow the well to get back to work and get the cash registers ringing again.

When our neighbours or friends are in trouble, we do what we can to help them get back on their feet. But we must help them in their own homes. Watch the clip and make up your own mind - there isn't really anything I can add that would say it better or make it clearer. Dr Beck does it all in this 6 minute clip.

When will we wake up and say enough? 

Life changed in 2020. We must act and react accordingly. Now is not the time to be charitable unless it begins at home. And today, Charity begins at home and must stay at home for the forseeable future. 








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