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As the sun sets over America, the world is watching and hoping and praying for a miracle. Will the land of the free, founded on the blood of valiant heroes who laid down their lives to have a Nation for free men, liberty and justice for all, fall to the almighty power of the machine? Or will it rise in triumph because of the belief in the ALMIGHTY?

Either way, America, as it has been known for centuries, is dead. And there is no coming back from this death by a thousand cuts. 

If Trump pulls off a miracle and invites the Military to take control, there will be blood on the streets. If Trump rides off into the sunset like the end of a cheap airport paperback hero, it will still end with blood on the streets. 


America, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, countries all around the world are in for a 2021 that will make 2020 look like a cakewalk. 

I hear so many people saying " just you wait until 2024. Are these people delusional? There will NEVER be a free and fair election again. They brazenly stole votes, raised people like Lazarus from the dead to vote and managed to clone people to vote multiple times. The machine was in overdrive and the machine won.


No matter what. No matter who wins, there are no winners today or tomorrow. The era of life as we have enjoyed, our forebears have struggled to defend and fought for is about to ride into the sunset with the last President of the United States of America. Regardless of your political leanings or preferred President, our time is over and it ended on November 3rd 2020.

The saying, " to the victor the spoils " seems particularly relevant today of all days.  For, no matter who claims the crown, everything we have known and loved; trusted and believed in is gone forever.

Everything is spoiled. Ruined. Destroyed.

Even if the military assume control, America is spoiled. Tainted. By a poison so toxic it will make the water of Flint, Michigan, almost palatable.

When the " new " regime takes control tomorrow, China is waiting on the sideline to pounce like a swarm of locusts to devour our food, resources and ways of life. Our beliefs and our values.

When America was born, it was built on a flawed foundation: an outpost of an Empire that was enjoying its glory days. Just like Australia. Places that were founded on greed and desire for power and desire to exploit and plunder for "the good of the Empire. "

Yet those early settlers defied the Empire and started to create their own new identity and new persona: we started to become Nations who valued the freedom that we cherished and longed for. Small and great uprisings happened and, as a result of those defiant and brave, passionate Patriots who believed in THEIR right to be free men, we carved out a new HOME.

Perhaps it is time to tear down the walls of bigotry and ignorance. 

We must start to rebuild. And we can only rebuild a House of Many Mansions if the foundations are solid. 

Some people decry the Bible as a work of fiction. I do not particularly mind or care what they think. The books of the Bible are words of great wisdom and are still as relevant today as when they were first written thousands of years ago.

The way of the future is not to silence the renegade patriotic people who love their Nation. Not to become part of the machine that created us in the first place.



Our future is to allow the voices of FREE men, FREE voices and FREE expression in words, hopes and dreams. 

We will not have that with a Biden/Harris Government. All we will have is a rule by a new Empire and surely, too many lives have been lost defending our Right to be heard, to hear and to speak freely?

My RIGHT to speak is as important as that of every other person. My RIGHT to hear is of equal value. My RIGHT to see everything is vital to the survival of freedom and the suppression of those RIGHTS means I have no RIGHTS at all.

Do YOU want to be controlled by a machine?  One that steals your voice, shuts your eyes and closes your mouth?



If you don't care, welcome to the machine. If you don't know, welcome to the machine. If you know and don't care, welcome to the machine.

If you know, you care and you love your country, unplug the machine. Get off twitter. Get off facebook. Stop reading MSM.

START thinking for yourselves.

Or slumber in hibernation and wake up to a world that you will not recognise.

Ruled by people who hate you. 







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