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Thanks for the Christmas greetings. They were received with so much pleasure.

It was such a joy to read your heartfelt words and it made me happy that you remembered me on that special day of the year,
I realise that I am not in your thoughts on 364 days of the year but it was certainly most appreciated that I received an email on Christmas Day.
What a shame that the email never got through. I am sure it was a lovely email sending best wishes and love.
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No doubt you had a lovely day. 
In the old days, we used to get together and actually embrace. Hug. Love. But I can understand in these Covid times, even an email could be contaminated.  Perhaps it is best to take precautions and not send any email or call on a telephone. Just in case the handset of the phone or the email message is infected.
Thank you for caring so much that you did not contact me because you were so concerned about making me ill.
Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated.
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I often wonder what I would have done without you these past few years?  All those months of silence and all because you cared so much that you never called, emailed or made contact.  It must be difficult for you.
Here was I, thinking that you didn't care, and it was all about you caring! I feel ashamed that I doubted you,.
I understand that you forgot to send a message. I understand that you did not remember. I understand that you forgot.
I suppose it is fortunate that when I gave birth to you I did not forget to feed you, love you, comfort you or hold you in my arms and cherish you.
But, of course there was no Covid back then.
Thank goodness that we have been saved and I can eat my Christmas dinner in peace, knowing that I am safe.
It was a hearty meal, all the things one would expect for a Christmas dinner at my wonderful care home.

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