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I just had a reply to a tweet I made earlier today and it said “ the democrats don’t care. “  When I read it, I thought it was in relation to a comment I had made about a fake video of a woman in Syria grieving over the loss of her child – deceased.

Yet the dead child was blinking and opening and closing its mouth – it was so obviously a staged propaganda piece and I felt it was immoral to use this sort of thing to promote a political agenda.  Women who had really lost a child would find it very, very upsetting.

It was only when I thought a little more deeply about it that I realised that those simple words “ The democrats don’t care “ struck me.


You see, we live in a world where we are so bombarded by atrocities that we sometimes say “ I don’t care “ because to do so would mean open the floodgates to emotions that we have to repress for fear of exploding with rage, anger and frustration.

So we say  “ I don’t care “

What do we mean when we say “ I don’t care “ ? Does it mean that we don’t care or that we care too much?

For myself, it means that I care too much and that I have to impose a defence mechanism to stifle my emotional response to things that horrify and repulse me.

But, to the Left, it actually means that they DON’T care. They truly do not give a shit.

I lived in an Asian country for a time and met with so many wonderful and hospitable folk. They were so gracious and welcoming. But I found it difficult to understand how they could walk through a marketplace and see terrible treatment of animals, disabled beggars and the poor– without seemingly noticing what, to me, was heartbreakingly awful.

I asked one of my friends and she said “ I do not see it. It doesn’t matter to me. I go to the market to buy my food. I am not there to look at things like that. “

I have been a long time fan of the late great Douglas Adams. In one of his books the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Trilogy of four books ( yes, Douglas Adams did a trilogy of 4 ) he wrote about the Somebody Else’s Problem Field that could be put up to surround something that was someone else’s problem. People could walk around a spaceship and not see it because it was somebody else’s problem.

This, it seems to me, is what the Left can do so well. They can walk through a marketplace full of injustice and falsehoods; stride across fields full of glaringly obvious spaceships full of alien attitudes, morality, decency and murderous and criminal intent and not see a bloody thing.

They simply DO NOT CARE.

If they do see, they are like my friend who chose not to see the squalid and inhuman filth that they wade through everyday.

They have selective vision: they can see a fake video of a Syrian Rocket attack which turns out to be footage of a Rifle Range in Kentucky; they can see fake mourning over a very much alive and well infant; they can see buff and robust males who look as though they have been well fed and well looked after – and they can yell OUTRAGE and cry crocodile tears.

Yet when a little baby is murdered at birth; when a person who loves his President leaves a rally he gets spat on; when an elderly woman is abused and treated terribly for attending a meeting, they erect their Somebody Else’s Problem field and they simply DO NOT CARE.

When women and girls are abused and people are knifed by our leftie luvvie refugees, they don’t care.

Caring is to feel concern. To feel anxious… troubled, uneasy.

Words rarely used by the left.

But WE DO CARE,. And that is why they hate us and fear us.

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