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I have not written an article for some days now. I have been in shock at what happened to Tommy Robinson and have been contemplating the ramifications for us all. Particularly for those of us who blog.

This is a dark time for Tommy and a dark time for all of us. We are frightened of speaking out. If we are not, we should be.

I belong to the group that is fearful of expressing my views. I don’t want a visit from the cops and extended stay in “ The Big House. “ Which I am guessing is their intention: to make us so scared that we dare not speak our minds.



As a blogger, I express my opinion. It is MY opinion. I do not expect people to agree with me. The issue is am I allowed to express my opinion, and, if so, under what jurisdiction, legally, does my blog fall?

As a .com, I am, as far as I am aware, under International Internet Law. Now that Obama has handed over the control of ICANN to the United Nations, does that mean that I am subject to UN Law? My site is hosted in America. Does that mean that my site is under the jurisdiction of American Federal Law? I live in Australia. Does that mean that I am subject to the rather confusing and concerning ramifications of Section 18C of The Racial Discrimination Act? Or , because I am in Queensland, bound to State Laws? Is there anyone reading this that knows? I have tried to find out, but too many from the legal background are too scared to jump and just stand still and say “ I don’t know. “

Bloggers are in a very grey area. It is a shade of grey that could be black, could be white, could be multiple shades of grey and not quite one or the other. That is pretty much what I have learned thus far. In other words, no one knows. How the hell do you write a disclaimer for a global audience, write an article expressing a personal opinion that may or may not upset someone and protect yourself against someone from somewhere who decides that they wouldn’t mind a few easy bucks because they were offended by what you wrote and by what your opinion is?

It is fine for the big guys like Breitbart and Alex Jones – but the little guy, like me, who has no money and no expensive legal team, what do we do? Write, and hope that we did not offend someone or stop writing because we are too scared to jump?

I cannot believe that I am sitting here writing this, in 2019, almost too afraid to press publish.

But this is what we have come to: FEAR.

Tommy Robinson is the example put up to all of us. Shut up, keep your mouths closed, your thoughts to yourselves and be good little robots. Be good and you will not be punished.

In many respects this is Public Child Abuse. They treat us like children and expect us to act and react like children. Abused children. If you do not do as you are told, you will be locked in the cupboard under the stairs in the dark. Be good and we will  let you live with us.

Our Religious beliefs are being mocked, denigrated and used against us.  Our moral standards are being eroded and used against us. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are being brainwashed and we are told that we cannot do a thing about it for fear that they will be suspended from school, expelled from school or we will be prosecuted for hate speech or intolerance.


Tommy Robinson jumped and he was punished. Julian Assange jumped and he was punished. Trump jumped and he, thank God, is still standing.

For the little people like me, like you, what I fear is that we will join Tommy and Julian because we do not have the might of Trump.

But Trump may, just maybe have the safety net that we all need. Because, unless he puts one in place, we will jump in to oblivion and in to an abyss that is so deep there will be no ability to come back from.

Our cultural heritage has been warped and spat upon. Our flags burned. Our history expunged.

We only have two choices: to jump or to stand still.

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