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I suspect that this is a very deep spiritual battle we are witnessing at present. The powerhouse of the Vatican and ferocity of Islamic faith in the Koran -  against the Jewish Old Testament Torah and the Christian Bible.... it is no longer about Trump.
If we thought 2020 was bad, 2021 is going to be worse. No matter what happens, there will be civil uprising in USA. It is virtually inevitable. I am no gambler, but I suspect that people have their poker hands and are going all in.
It is no longer about politics. It is about good and evil, Islam and the Vatican against the Judeo Christian beliefs. It is about Communism that has no religion and seeks to destroy
faith in anything other than the State.
Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I am not talking about the people brought up in the Catholic faith. I am talking about a Vatican that has deviated from its role as a faith leader and become a political player, much like the leader of the Church of England who we will find suddenly jumps in, once " King Charles " is sitting on the throne. 
Or perhaps they have always been political players, but were once more subtle? 
Who am I kidding? The Church has always been political - only they are much more open and brazen than they once were. 
But the members of the Congregation, the members of the Churches have really not changed in 2000 years. We still believe in the 12 Commandments and still celebrate the joy of Christ's birth at Christmas, lament his passing at Easter and rejoice in his resurrection 3 days later.
Either way, it matters not at the moment. The die has been cast and the numbers rolled. What happens next is truly in the hands of " WE THE PEOPLE. " 
There is so much at stake for both sides of the war and I suspect that the biggest difference is that people on our side of the fence will be in the battles and the left are going to simply send in people like Antifa and BLM thugs to do their work for them. On our side, it will be the people who volunteer to fight without a General if need be.
That is what terrifies Pelosi and her mob of evil Soros funded and Chinese funded globalists.
It will be a war of the People against the powers that be and in most cases, the people win. Because their passion for freedom is greater than the opposition's passion for money and power.
So many people around the world are gladly surrendering their rights and freedom to a phantom named Covid, created by MSM and the so called leaders. I rewatched " Shawshank Redemption " last night and one line struck me.
Morgan Freeman's character, talking about prison, said " At first we hated the walls. Then we got used to them and then we could not live without them. "
That is what happened in 2020. I sincerely believe that 2020 was the year we got used to the walls and that many will, in 2021, NEED to live with them forever.
It takes brave people to break out. Determined people and, of course, the globalists do not want us to question our imprisonment. So they create false flag events and threats so that we are frightened back into welcoming the security of our prison and our walls.
Look what they have done to Trump: laid him bare to be ridiculed and condemned for having fought for his country and the people who count themselves as patriots. He has been betrayed like Jesus was and that man I now call 30 Pence is going to wonder , like Judas, whether his 30 pieces of silver were bought at too high a price.  He may just wish that he could hang himself as Judas did out of guilt for what he did.
Rumours abound that Trump went to Texas to regroup. Then relocated.... no one knows anymore. The only sightings of Trump have been pre recorded mock ups against green screens so I hold no faith in their authenticity.
Is he under arrest? Is he in hiding? Is he in consultation with the military? Is he planning on using the Insurrection Act and his Executive Order in relation to the foreign interference in the election from Italy?
I do not know.
All I do know is that there is no way he has given up and no way has he willingly stopped fighting.
What I DO know is that there seems to be almost a Biblical parallel at play at the moment. Betrayed, supposedly " killed " and I am personally hoping for a metaphoric resurrection.
But, even if I am wrong, Trump has unleashed the thing that the globalists hate the most: the power of a united patriotic voice and it is not going away.
No matter what, the Trump love and loyalty and passion is not going away.
If anything, if they " defeat " him, all they will do is create a martyr and we all know that Martyrs live forever. But, haven't they already done that? He is already a Martyr. 

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