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It is beyond abhorrent that our elderly are being NOT cared for despite being in the so called care homes in  Australia. 

I am not sure who I am more angry with : the Government for allowing it to happen, the families for allowing it to happen or the so called care providers for allowing it to happen.

These people are the fathers and mothers, daughters and sons, grandparents of Australians. Too busy and too preoccupied to give a damn about those that gave them life.

More importantly, this disregard is a symptom of what is to come. 

The Era of the wimp, the coward and the ill informed.

Private enterprise is all for profit .





These uncaring, narcissistic people  who will pay the money to shove their older loved one in to a so called care home ( read : no care and no home ) - they seemingly do not give a shit about what happens to this elderly family member - as long as that person is out of sight .. that person is out of mind.

Here is my message to you: you ungrateful, uneducated idiots who graduate from the University of life with a degree in unemployable or a PhD in being an ignorant dickhead: 

I have to wonder: how the hell you can sleep at night, knowing that your Granma or Granpa, father or mother is sitting in a soiled nappy all day, ( 3 a day) unbathed, ( One bath a week) unloved, uncared for and unfed ?

It will not be something I expect you leftie inheritance chasers to read. After all, you are so selfish and focussed on bloody windmills and solar panels and vegan rights that the concept of elderly rights  is a somewhat foreign concept.

You do not care about unborn babies. You do not care about the man that fought to stop you speaking German or Japanese. No. You do not give a shit about the women who waited 5 years to see their husband again: all you care about is yourselves.

You are too busy watching inane shows on TV about some stupid man or woman, gay or transgender, non man, non woman finding love and then you cry and say " that was so beautiful! "

You forget the men and women that sacrificed so much to give you the right to be outraged, ill informed and ignorant.

Without the men and women that have maggots in their ears and mouths,you fools would not have the voice you have today that allows you to be pussyhat wearing, climate change advocates and able to leave Granma or Granpa in a state of neglect.

Yes, you freedom warriors, who despise us and denigrate those FIGHTING FOR YOUR RIGHT TO HATE US, you have this uncanny knack to make yourselves look like twits.

Because you are.

It is about time for another War. A real one - not a pretend one. 

Because, only when you are confronted with a REAL War, where someone else is the aggressor and your country is the defender, can you truly understand that war is not about being wicked and naughty: it is about defending yourself and your family. That of your friends and allies and not allowing your enemy to push you down and suppress your right to be a dickhead.

Well, guess what, you leftie lunatic chaps and chapees? 

You are maybe in for a fight that you did not expect. And, quite frankly, you will be unable to deal with.

While your grandparents or parents deal with your neglect, who will fight for you? You will not fight for yourselves so will you just roll over and yield?

You betcha.

Because you are weak and disillusioned and out of touch.

Thank God that there are some who have the guts to stand up and fight for you. If these brave people did not step up, then get ready to learn Arabic, Mandarin and get used to being raped.

Because, what you are fighting for is everything that your parents and grandparents and great grandparents fought against. The RIGHT to be free of the tyranny of oppression. 

Denigration of all those poor bastards in so called care homes that you never visit but cannot wait to die in order to inherit - good luck with that. 

Because one day, your selfish greed will betray you. 

And you can cry all you want, in your cafes and bars, who will fight for your right to be an idiot, a prick and a moron?

No one. Because those that would have are all in " care homes " with maggots in their ears and you didn't give a shit.

If I have to rely on your new wave bullshit leftie lunacy to protect me and my country,. then, someone, please, bring in euthanasia laws. 

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