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" The destruction of a living human being is no solution to what is essentially a social problem. I believe that to resort to such violence is an admission of scientific improvishment. Even worse, an ethical impoverishment. Somehow, I refuse to believe that Americans, who put man on the moon, can't devise a better solution than to resort to violence. I think we should all, here and now, devote ourselves to an untiring effort to devise a better solution  A solution compounded equally of love and compassion and a decent regard for the over riding priority of human life. For humanty's sake, here and now, stop the killing. " 




So said Dr Bernard N Nathanson in 1984. 

Yes, Shaydee and Redhead have written about this issue today. Yet, somehow, I could not leave it alone. There was so much more to be said.

This truly is, as the good Doctor said in 1984, a social problem. It is also symptomatic of a greater problem: a moral impoverishment and a complete breakdown of NORMALITY.

Are we living in the end of times?  The time when life, as we know it, is extinguished in order to make way for the new? 

Is our life's pathway paved with the blood and the pain of the innocent so that the victors, the cruel and heartless can march triumphant on the residue of decency and the pulp of humanity and laugh as they crush our skulls in a metaphoric and literal abortion of normality?

I fear so.  I fear that we are at the end of times and which pathway stays open is up to us.

On the one hand, we have a future that accepts abnormal as normal and normal as abormal. 

Where everything that we have known to be true is untrue and our lives can be terminated by an abortionists knife or a doctor's needle. A world where an autist is hailed as a god and reason is disparaged, disregarded and treated as a criminal act.

A world where the elderly are unwanted dross who are a burden on " society " and the unborn are a mere inconvenience to be done away with and discarded on a whim and a fancy.

Well, I do not want to be part of that world. Do you?

A world lacking compassion, morality, decency and critical thinking? A world where others dictate what I can like, dislike, agree with or disagree with?

Who are these people, after all? The woke? The ones that seem to find time to march and demonstrate against anything that the hard working and honest " old fashioned " folks support?

This is all about DESTRUCTION. The destruction of everything we hold dear and care about. The heralding in of a new way of life. And I do not like it.  They will destroy NORMALCY.

If we allow them to do so.

I have written many articles on my blogs; many comments on social media and many things outlining my vehemant denial of all things green, left and progressive.

Yet this is the one that matters the most: we,here in Australia, are faced with horror unless our Governments  do the obvious. .

Build some dams, solve our appalling water problems and insane restrictions to clearing land to prevent bushfires. Let our councils backburn. Let our farmers do what they do best: farm their land. They are the experts. 


We are faced with horror if our Government does not stop the madness of importing migrants into our Nation when we do not have the infrastructure to support these new people.

We are faced with horror if our Government does not do something to stop passing legislation that prevents us from using coal and having affordable electricity in our harsh and unforgiving country. 

We are no different to that little infant trying to escape death. Because we are facing death, as a Nation, as a People and as a Social Conscience.

And, like the little baby in Shaydee's video, we have no where to run.

Come on Mr Morrison, get out of Paris and get back to normality. 



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