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I have chosen images that are less confronting than some I saw. These are the best of the worst. Monty. 
I have recently read that a High Court ruling that Julia Gillard's ban of Live Export  of Australian animals was unlawful .  It   has been seen by  many farmers and Politians  as marvelous news. It was with much pleasure that the  present Government is not going to appeal the decision .   This will mean that the Australian taxpayer will spend millions of dollars to compensate the  Australian farmers who were unable to send their cattle and sheep off shore to end their days in a living hell.  
I am not a vegetarian  , I enjoy a casserole  and a roast leg of lamb but I draw the line when it comes to condoning animal cruelty  to help line greedy pockets  with the mighty  dollar

I was born on a dairy farm that also ran  sheep.   I have photos of us as little kids  feeding the baby lambs a bottle , they were our responsibility to see they were cared for.   We loved them, I even remember one lamb I called Mary ..    she was around for many years , how many of us  can remember our pet lambs.

download 2020 07 24T112813.447
We have thousands of young ones longing  to find subjects to protest about .   Here in my opinion is the one to get their teeth stuck into.   Come on girls and young fellows get reading , get doing your homework and find out what these poor animals have in store for them.
Put Black Lives Matter aside, put Climate Change and young Greta on the back burner  .   By all means protest and throw yourselves on the ground and shout and scream all you can about the cruelty and inhumane treatment  that these living creatures go through.   Not only in the ships that transport them but when they finally get to their destination ,  those that are still alive.   
 download 2020 07 24T102821.165
Have people looked into the eyes of the sheep,  I have seen the terror,  the despair,  the look of what is happening to them.     Videos of these animals tell the story.  Have you seen the filth and conditions the poor cattle  have to suffer through during this long voyage,  only to reach the other end and find more terror and cruelty.   How can we as caring humans allow this to occur ?   God gave us Dominion over the animals of this world, that means in plain language look after, care for  and  do our very best to honor his instructions.   

download 2020 07 24T103035.661

How can  the Farmers who have watched these animals grow from lambs and  calves into adult hood sanction Live Export.  
I know they have to make money to survive,   but isn't that what the refrigerated  ships were designed for ..  to transport the frozen meat .    If countries overseas want our meat  they have to take what we feel is the least inhumane way of delivering it.     Not bow to their cruel desires.     The farmers will still get their money but the animals are slaughtered here under our orders.   Halal killing has to stop .  It is the most cruel way   of slaughter and we should never have allowed it.   
If some of our new residents  don't like it they can become  Vegetarians .  

halal slaughter

I would have to say , that the men and women who have the final say about Live Export  were to visit the ship and see the conditions the animals  have to endure I am positive they would all say in a very loud voice absolutely NO.  But if you don't see it,   how can you judge!   Then to look at the sight that would meet their  eyes at the end of that journey ,  that would be the test.   Absolute horror and nightmares for ever.
So come on Young ones , Middle aged ones,  Old ones  get your mad out and say "NO" to Live Export .   If we allow it to start up again we are as bad as the people overseas who ask for a Live Animal .  
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You can  rest assured that the  Australian population as a whole will be behind you , and for a change Rallies and Protesting gatherings will be  applauded and you will be doing something to be proud of.   Your Parents and Grandparents will be happy and so proud because all of us like to think that although we eat meat we have to prepare  it in the most humane  way possible .   Not subject our innocent animals to  weeks on a ship in a very confined and filthy area to then be subjected to more cruelty before what must be a welcome end to all the torture.   

download 2020 07 24T112501.410

We can influence the "Powers that Be"  to say NO  and let's do our very best.   I know a large number of people today are not meat eaters,  but  for those of us who still like a steak or a lamb chop let's see if we can manage it with as little outright cruelty as possible.   Ban Halal killing.    Go back to the old way.     Ban forever  crowding our poor cattle and sheep onto a ship  for weeks on end.  This is simply wrong. 
Protest and hold Rallies  for worthwhile causes  and banning live export of animals is a very worthwhile cause.
Because this is just not right. And when it is not right, it is wrong. 
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