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I watched a programme last night where  the panel were talking about abortion,  One of the comments made was , and if  the little baby is still alive when the cruel deed  has taken place the little baby  is left in the  sluice room to finally die.   The "lady" on the panel said  " Oh no that is a lie, totally untrue".      It makes you wonder why they say such things,  when it is true.   Are they one of the  women who have killed a little baby in such a way.   Now feel so guilty about it they have to deny anything  to do with abortion being bad.  




 must admit that up until just recently I have thought that to have an abortion up until 3 months was acceptable , I am now beginning to think that in today's world  it has to be earlier than that.   The little creature has started to form at that stage , it has the beginnings of arms and legs and a little face.   It has become a baby .    I think I now have to go for 2 missed periods  .. two months.   That is it!!  After that time only a life threatening and it has to be genuine  reason , is regrettably the only  reason for an abortion.
We have to realize we are talking about taking a life , murder, are we so lacking in emotion and feelings that we can accept murder.   How these Doctors and nurses  who swear to look after  people  can do this  horrible  and insane action is beyond me.   I must say though that I have heard and  known people who were part of an abortion and said they would  never have anything to do with one again.   What about the Doctor who  refused to abort a little baby , just recently and   was suspended!    That was on the news several months ago when this whole Abortion business was brought to the notice of the general population.  
What is going on all over the world with regard to this horrible subject is so unbelievable that it could be from some horror movie  that  most of us would not go and see.     I have always said that the best way to  control population is  with Birth Control methods.    They exist, vasectomy, tubal ligation,  and sex can still be enjoyed and  then a problem of an unwanted baby would not exist because  care had been taken to avoid any such thing happening.   No need for abortions , every baby would be a wanted  one to be given the love and care it deserves.
Please , everybody, have another serious think about this whole subject and get behind those who might be able to do what is right.   Protect the unborn baby, don't allow it to suffer the pain and death by abortion.  
My effort in the cause!  If you think it is any use,  it is yours.     Redhead.
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