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What has happened to the  relationship between some Women , fortunately a minority,  who seem to have  a very bad feeling about all men.   They feel they can say anything from calling all men rapists  and then wonder why a rather pointed comment comes back in reply.
We have a Senator who seems to love to insult men,  but , when a rather smart reply comes back  she takes offence.   So much so,  it goes to Court.     A big  fine is awarded against the man involved.     All women seem to have to say is "I did not say anything to upset him".    
Senator Sarah Hanson Young, from the Green Party in South Australia's Senate, has won an astounding $120,000 in a defamation case against former Senator David Leyonhjelm after he said that she should " stop shagging men"  if she hated them so much.    Or something like that.   Mr Lleyonhjelm said the words after a disagreement got out of hand. 
I am not agreeing with her or with him.  But it all seems a bit ridiculous that people these days can't sort problems out without racing off to sue each other.
I am a woman in my late 80's and I have enjoyed the friendly relationship I have with men.     I have never encouraged  flirting , but I enjoy what  we used to call banter,  (friendly teasing) .   Of course I  was the eldest in the family and had two brothers after me,    I am well used to boys and men in my life.   My mother had 10 brothers , so Uncles featured in my life too.    If I had taken offence at every  provocative comment made to me , I would probably be a mental case.  
But it is part of life , the give and take of conversation and the normal situation of mixing with the opposite sex.  
How do you think the boys or men  would feel if every time something was laughingly said I threw a wobbly and screamed from the  corner,   " How Dare You speak to me like that".     This is what some women are doing today and  getting away with it.   
If I was a man , I would be avoiding women unless I knew them well, and how do they manage that  if they are accused of  ulterior motives before  they have even said Hello!  
We have to  get back to respectable behavior , both men and women ,  stop this  bad mouthing at every opportunity  , of course when you watch some of the antics and the  noisy racket , the jeering , the rudeness going on in Parliament no wonder  they are all so rude to one another.   Time a stop was put to such appalling behaviour. They even have school children attending such displays and  witness what goes on in our Parliament.
Perhaps it is time that some women realized that just because they hold senior positions it doesn't mean that they are above common politeness  and  can get away with any kind of insulting behavior,  the same as we would expect men to abide by the same rules.     Fortunately most people do,  but the very rude minority act in the  opposite direction.   As the  saying goes "How dare You." 
Then Off to Court we go. 
Do you agree?

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