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The whole world is becoming fake. We have become a plastic world in a world that hates plastic and increasingly encouraged to believe what is fake and discard the one thing that we should hold dear: TRUTH.

It is hard to even define Truth these days. In the olden days, before people got woke and started to regress in to a childish state of wavering between tantrums and beliefs in Greta fairies, Truth was something that relied on Facts.

Facts, back in the days before people got “ woke “ were based on reality.

Reality. You know that thing? That amazing FACT that the TRUTH is quite simply what is REAL. It is not faith based; it is not based on conjecture or a desire or will for it to be so. It is not based on FEAR. It is what IS.


When Political Ideologies and personal agendas start to create concepts based on FEAR, rather than FACT, we see a return to the Dark Ages where life was ruled by Fear of God, fear of the Devil, Fear of damnation, Fear of being sent to the infernal Fires of Hell.

In Communist and Socialist countries, life is ruled by Fear. Fear of arrest, fear of being sent to a re education camp, fear of retribution for saying or doing something that does not match the Party line.

In Nazi Germany, many German people stayed silent for fear of being arrested, tortured or permanently silenced. As the Jews marched to the trains that took them to their deaths, they did not do so out of hope, trust, acceptance or goodwill. No, they marched to their deaths with FEAR IN THEIR HEARTS.


Today, in our “ woke “ world, we are being educated and conditioned to accept that transgender rights, sodomy, paedophilia and abortion are the exercising of our “ rights “ as citizens. That less than 10% of the population of any given country are prevailing in their exercising of their rights of the remaining 90% is disturbing.

Largely down to Fake News.

Because these days, to speak out and say “ I do not agree with this “ is becoming very dangerous. You can lose your job. Or even lose your Life.

So much at present that is manipulating , bending, shaping, twisting and distorting modern society is being done under the guise of being “ woke “.

Our language is being corrupted; our social cohesion is being dismantled and our history being destroyed.

The primary reason so many of us accept this corruption of social and traditional norms is FEAR.

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Fear of being banned by facebook, twitter, instagram or whatever social media you may engage with.

Fear of losing the love of family members – for FEAR that they may prevent you from seeing the grandchildren. Fear that the Police may knock on your door and tell you that a complaint has been made that you have a flag, have posted something on line or said something in a private conversation – overhead by someone who is “ woke. “

This Fear allows the Fake news, the Fake propaganda to flourish and, before long, the Truth becomes the enemy and hated by all those who now worship at the altar of the gods of Fake.

The seeds have been sown and Fake Men, Fake Women, Fake News, Fake Weather reports, Fake legal processes flourish. Babies are killed by late term abortion and women celebrate their empowerment and triumph over their natural bodily functions. Fake men want tampons and celebrate their Right to menstruate.

Fake Politicians celebrate their Fake legal actions to get rid of a man who stands for something that THEY FEAR: TRUTH.


Eco terrorists denounce farming and invade farms to promote their ideology of alarmism and FEAR.

Companies invent Fake meat, laden with hormones that turn men’s breasts in to women’s breasts and men in to soy boys because they are being fed food that increases their female hormone levels.

Climate Change activists spread FEAR – when, in REALITY, it is their neglect, their inaction and their actions that create the problem in the first place.

FEAR. That is what they want and that is what they are providing. An entire planet governed, not by elected Representatives who seek to serve; but by a group of Fear mongering greedy bureaucrats in the United Nations – well funded by George Soros as well – who seek to remove historical Facts, historical Truths and replace them with FAKE FEAR.

It is time to bring back Reality, Truth and Facts. The alternative is frightening. 



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