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We are in a dark time at present, all around the world. Life, as we know it, has been turned on its head and we are all in some kind of futuristic nightmare that, when we wake each morning, is worse than the day before.

My beloved Mum, Redhead, is battling on with great fortitude and gusto as is her Nature. There is not a virus or crisis on this planet that will knock the stuffing out of that 87 year old Lady!

But one thing has caused great consternation. As a Law abiding, decent human being, my Mum has always voted.

As this weekend approaches, she is faced with a decision that is beyond her normally rational and commonsense approach to life: to break a commitment of a lifetime and stay at home and not vote – or risk becoming ill in order to do what is her Duty and her Honour. Queensland Council elections and two bi elections. 

Well, here’s the thing.

Some time ago, I wrote about one of my late Uncles who had passed. The King of the Court of Humour. I called him Uncle Bob. I have two Uncle’s upstairs with my late father and one dear family friend.

Mum, ( Redhead ) and I often talk about the Gang up there watching over us and making sure that we are still being protected and loved.

In fact, many of the articles here focus on the Angels that watch over us and take care of us. I am a great believer in the Power of the Almighty and His Servants. We had dear James Conkey write about his experience with a Guardian Angel and Death of a Loved One by my humble self.

One of my late Uncles. ( one of the mob up there on the cloud with God and Saint Peter ) … I will call him Uncle Joe, was a very practical and straight shooting guy. He lived his life according to his own set of rules and “ bugger the rest “. He had a lifetime of health issues – including Addisons Disease – yet still jumped out of a plane and did a sky dive at about 70 – even though it landed him in hospital for two weeks because he ended up with an adrenalin meltdown.


Uncle Joe was our go to place as young married poverty stricken newly weds with high mortgages, low wages and cars that continually broke down. He was the make do and mend chap. What he could do with a tube of super glue and a few hours of ingenuity was breathtaking.

One thing that he always told us was one of the most important lessons I ever learned in my life.

It was when one of us was contemplating a business venture that would involve borrowing a good deal of money in order to start it.

I can still see him now. His face, frozen in time and his mind processing the concept. Eventually he said : 

“ Are you prepared to risk it? You are looking at borrowing $20,000. If it fails, can you look back and say “ well, I tried, I failed but I am pleased I at least gave it a go. “

If you say ‘yes ‘ then do it.

If you say No, then don’t do it.

You have to look at the risk and then decide if it is worth it TO YOU. “

I spoke with Redhead this morning, over the phone, in our self imposed lockdowns and this conversation that took place over 45 years ago jumped in to my head. We had been talking about going out to vote at the elections this weekend. In a country with compulsory voting, in a time of great risk to older Citizens. Redhead was torn between doing what was right or doing something , that to her was so very wrong: Not voting.

And I said to her “ What would Joe say? “

She hesitated and then said, very emphatically

“ Am I prepared to take the risk? NO.“

So Premier Pluckaduck and your Leftie Looney mates, we are NOT voting on Saturday, are not going to break our isolation, and, no, we are NOT prepared to take the risk.


Fine me. Fine an 87 year old woman for being more concerned about our welfare as Queenslanders than the outcome of a Political election that you believe could help your Government to the detriment of us.

After all, you are the one telling us to stay apart? I can tell you right now Premier of Queensland,  Annastacia Palaszczuk , our non voting will be more powerful than voting right now. Our message will be very strong. 

And my Angels are more trustworthy than you at the present time.

Because they actually care about me, not you.

Have a nice day.

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