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I have just finished watching a very old video clip from the 1980's from a man named Yuri Bezemenov. I had never heard of him until one of my posters, Cinerama, put up a link to his incredible lecture from some time in the 1980's.

It was an hour long and I thought that I would give it a try, not realising that it would be one of the best lectures I have ever heard.
Yuri Bezmenov was a Soviet journalist a former KGB informant who defected to Canada.

After being assigned to a station in India, Bezmenov eventually grew to love the people and the culture of India. At the same time, he began to resent the KGB-sanctioned repression of intellectuals who dissented from Moscow's policies and he decided to defect to the West. He died in 1993 aged just 54.

So what was it that struck me with such power when I watched the lecture? How frighteningly familiar it was to that which is going on right now.

The other thing that puzzled me was the way the audience laughed. Perhaps they thought his lecture amusing? Not realising that some 40 years later, each and every word he spoke would become reality.

To me, back in the 80's I was flush with opportunity, money and youth. Life was good. I was too busy playing with my kids and working and making good money to worry about a silly sideline like politics. Oh, sure, I was a member of the Supporters of Sir Joh but that was different. He was a bit like Trump: I thought he was invincible. 

I thought that all I had to do was let him get on with governing and I could get on with life.

I did not have my head in the sand. It was just that life was too good and fun and carefree to worry about inconsequential things like who was in control of my country. I felt safe that it was being taken care of and, as Sir Joh used to say " that is what you are paying for. Let me worry about that. "

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So I did.

It follows that, in many respects, I would have been like the people in the audience, laughing and smiling when this man was talking about such things as the takeover of society by communism.

I doubt I would even have turned up to his talk. I was too busy enjoying life.

People were going to Church, having family gatherings, playing backyard sports and going to jobs that they enjoyed. Masks were only worn at Halloween and television had shows and movies that were fun and laughter was everywhere.

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When we had a hot day, it was a hot day, and when we had a cold day, it was a cold day. If it was a dry and windy month , we would all just shrug our shoulders and say " well, it is that time of year. "

Electricity was cheap and abundant and petrol was pumped out to our V8 with no thought of how expensive it was. We just shoved our foot on the accelerator and let our hair fly in the wind and hope like hell a Christmas beetle didn't fly in or splat on the windscreen.

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No one really liked poofters ( except the nice guys down the road that used to bring Redhead some biscuits or homemade cake and she thought they were just flatmates ) and the only men who dressed up as women were Mrs Doubtfire, Tootsie and Barry Humphries ( but we know he didn't that was just a rumour. )

I was renowned for going to my daughter's school and telling the English teacher that I thought a particular book was inappropriate for my daughters to read and that they would NOT be reading it. Instead of " Flowers in the Attic " I selected " The Power of One " and told the Head of English that it was my final decision and that was it.

So when I watched this hour long video clip, I was astonished that I had missed so much.

In my busy and happy life, I ignored something that I should have seen coming. I was too busy, too happy and too focused on ME and MY FAMILY to realise that the assassination of my country and others had already begun.

The funny, zany movies that we enjoyed in the '80's were slowly transformed into socially aware messages of guilt, women's empowerment, and we are not allowed to have fun anymore.

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The Christmas Beetles are gone. Apparently, they like eucalypt trees rather than wind farms or subdivisions.

When I watched this old video I looked at the audience. I heard them laugh and thought " my goodness, that would have been me. "  So out of touch with what was happening and I would have listened to him speak his words of warning and come home and said " well, that was a waste of time. Does he actually think that the world is going to be taken over by Marxist propaganda? What a laugh. "

I sit here today in 2020 and think to myself how wrong I was.

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Everything he said was true. And it is happening right now. 40 odd years later.

The destruction of Religion, Education, the integrity of Law Enforcement, family, takeover by legislation and so-called equality?

40 years on and his ominous warnings are coming to pass.

Please watch this.

If you do not, you will probably never have an opportunity to see it again. Truth has a nasty habit of disappearing these days.

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