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As we count down to Christmas, spare a thought for those who are separated from their loved ones through marriage breakdown, military service, death or lockdowns.

How many men have been deprived of the joy of their children's company because of a court order restricting access? Oh I know that I am a female and should be joining the chorus of women who hate men and that all men are bastards, but I don't believe that. Some men are bastards and some women are bitches and some people are just plain vindictive. 

I read something online this morning from a man who was heartbroken because he is spending yet another Christmas without his kids because there is a custody order in place. It has been 5 years since he spent Christmas with his kids.

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Society seems to have created a world where kids are pawns in adult game playing and political point scoring. The same world where our older loved ones are abandoned behind locked doors on Christmas Day and fed slop by greedy uncaring aged care homes who view the " inmates " as cheques to be cashed and profits to be maximised.

As my readers may remember, I was a female prison officer in a men's maximum security prison. I learned there that men from both sides of the bars can be bad bastards. I also met some female officers who were absolute manipulative bitches. 

Cruelty and  manipulation are character traits that are not restricted to one sex. 

For myself, my ex husband left me on Christmas Eve. Since then, I have had no love for or of Christmas. I dread it and am glad when it is over each year. But the thing that distressed me the most was the timing. Why would someone choose to commemorate one of the most family oriented times of the year to destroy a family unit?  How hard would it have been to choose a less important time of year? 

But what happens is that selfish people don't care about pivotal occasions. 


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I knew a  guy once whose wife chose his birthday to announce that she was leaving him for another man. 

How could any spouse deny the right of a father or mother to see their little ones at Christmas? Or the right of their children to enjoy some time with their Daddy at Christmas? 

Why would a Government lockdown its populace and deny the people they are supposed to represent the opportunity to share this joyous time of year with loved ones? Surely it is nothing to do with health but more Politics? 

Let's be honest. Most decisions made by ex spouses, Politicians, Aged Care home operators , are made for political and or financial reasons rather than genuine concern for the people affected.

How many people in Victoria will have an empty chair at the Christmas table because Dan Andrews stuffed up? How many marriages have broken down because this Virus of Oppression has changed our ability to act and interact as human nature ordains? How many people have suicided because they could not cope with the devastation that has been brought down on us this year?

How many courts have made orders that will see a Daddy alone this Christmas because someone decided that Daddy should suffer?

How many elderly will eat baked beans and mashed potatoes for Christmas because some " Care Home " owner wanted to cut the budget and increase the profits?

And how many of our Military will see their kids on Skype because they are busy defending a Nation that no longer defends them?

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Christmas is a time for celebration of Life. A time to pause and think of the miracle of birth, the wonder of the family unit. The sheer delight of seeing the old greet the new and look up to the Heavens with wonder.

To anticipate the pleasure of giving and embracing what we have.

Christmas 2020 is fast becoming the time to mourn and the time to reflect on what and who we have lost. 

We will mourn those who died and mourn that which has died.  Those of us who will sit at an abundant table and see every seat full should toast the year that was and be grateful.

Those of us who sit down to empty seats and empty plates, spare a thought for our Politicians. Who will sit down with overflowing pockets, empty hearts, and consciences devoid of decency. And I will think of them often. 

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For myself, I will sit alone and give thanks to President Trump and his family and offer my heartfelt thanks to him for everything he has done and tried to do for us all. 

I will not be lonely, just alone.  

There is a difference.






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