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Well folks I think we have seen it all.   This is a plate  which  folks in an Aged Care Home in South Australia had for Christmas Day dinner.       I imagine in their dreams they were back in time when it was a lovely roast of lamb , a tasty stuffed chicken, or even a delicious roast of beef.     Roast potatoes,  Yorkshire pudding , and some lovely green vegetables.      Followed by a beautifully decorated Pavlova.   Christmas crackers on the table , paper hats, and a glass or two of wine.
But wait a minute,   what happened,  they awoke to a nightmare.    Smashed spuds and baked beans.    If they were lucky a biscuit and a cup of tea for the sweets. .      I bet the so called Carers weren't partaking of that  Christmas fare.
I must admit that I do not know the ins and outs of these Nursing Homes or Aged Care facilities but we are reading and being made aware that things are not all they are cracked up to be in a great many of them.   I have heard that some actually budget on $6.00 a day to feed them.     Prisoners in jail eat better and are treated with  much more consideration then these poor neglected old timers.   
These are people who brought us up , who are our Mothers and Fathers.  These are the people who made Australia what it is.    But somewhere along the line they have been forgotten and it is time we sorted out this  dreadful neglect.   There are supposed to have been Royal Commissions looking into this problem.   Nothing has been solved yet , is it ever going to be?   The dreadful neglect has been the subject of numerous articles and  still nothing is being done.    Come on you people that have  some  power,   get off your backsides and do something.  
We have read about some old people who have been stuck to their bed or a chair with bodily filth  because they haven't been looked after or moved or cared for  .   To the extent that part of the chair or bed has to have been cut
 away to take them to hospital.    These are  not  made up horror stories,  these are actual  facts!! 
The only thing I can say about that plate of baked beans and smashed potatoes is that the  hand that is holding the plate has a clean finger nail.      Perhaps if the local  Members of Parliament  who represent all of our different areas visited , unannounced , and took dinner with  these old timers they might know first hand what they  are expected to eat .  Notice I do not say enjoy .   
 Christmas dinner!    I feel so sorry for all the old folk who have had a nightmare like this served up to them and on  behalf of all ordinary   Australians  I  wish that it had not been the case.          I also hope there were a few places that  did their very best for the  folk in their care.      I also hope and pray that the year 2020 will bring a big change to  the welfare and treatment of   Men and Women  in all Aged Care Homes and  Nursing Homes.
Please,  Mr Prime Minister , Scott Morrison ,  put that on your list of urgent things to see to in 2020.  


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