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Sometimes, just when I think it cannot get any crazier, I read something that makes me realise we are still on the spiral downwards and I don't know where it will stop.

I share with you some of the book reviews that appeared on a website I subscribe to called Goodreads. "  

If this is a good read, I think I must be on the wrong planet. 

But hey ho, suffice to say that I do not share the opinons of those reviewers who, quite frankly, don't deserve to be parents if this is the rubbish that they read to their children. 

I prefer  " A Bush Christening. " 



 Sadie Hartmann

Oct 08, 2019rated it it was amazing
This book came in the mail yesterday (Oct. 7th, 2019) and my daughter and I enjoyed it together. We especially loved "V is for VOGUE" and "S is for Sashay". We loved the colorful illustrations and the smiling, happy children depicted in the pictures. Author and illustrator, M. L. Webb assumes hope,
"F is for FAMILY. Related or found, they'll stick by your side through your ups and downs."
My daughter loved & identifies with, "L is for Lesbian. It's love and affection between two special girls who share a connection."
She liked that it wasn't emphasizing or overplaying a sexualization of the relationships.
This is an important book.
My 14-year-old son lives in a high school context that looks different than my own in the early 1990s.
I believe parents could use this book with their young children to help normalize conversations about the full spectrum of loving relationships and gender-fluid identities. They will encounter it in their every day lives so it's best to open the door of conversation now to help small children grow up embracing others who are different than they are--also helpful for children who need to see other children who feel the way they do about their changing bodies and gender identity. All around, this book is necessary and wonderful. Highly recommend

No points for guessing who she voted for in the last election .... 


 Kayla Burton

May 30, 2019rated it it was amazing
Shelves: lgbtq
I got this at Book Expo and it’s absolutely adorable! I love the explanations for different terms. It is clear and direct and very appropriate for all children.

 Oh Kayla, I worry about our future with dickheads like you running around the planet.


By now, I was ready to reach for a bottle of valium, only I don't have any. 

Samantha (The Biblophage)

Aug 18, 2019rated it it was amazing
This book is absolutely amazing. Webb is so talented with his graphics and he has brought a picture book to the world that we didn’t know we needed. THE GAYBC’s is the perfect conversation starter for families and their kids who are curious about the LGBTQIA+ community. I love everything about this book and can’t recommend it enough.
Samantha, kids are NOT curious about this rubbish. 


There were more reviews, along similar lines.

I haven't bothered to post a review but if I did , it would be along the lines of 

" Try reading this to my grandkids and great grandkids and you'll wonder what the hell hit you, you sick, useless pack of braindead morons. "

When the library isn't safe anymore, I can only urge all you parents and grandparents out there to buy some books for your little loved ones this Christmas.

Because it doesn't sound like a library visit is going to be on the agenda of safe spaces. 

Buy some nice books about normal things. 

Maybe it's time for Mr Daydream 

Reality is overrated! Mr. Daydream likes nothing more than to go on faraway adventures. Imagination can take you everywhere!

mrdaydream 512 1

Our innocent children deserve their childhoods and these sick buggers are not happy with stealing elections, the air that we breathe and our rights, they now want to steal childhood.

And there is no greater theft than that. 

Signing off, from a very angry Shaydee. 



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