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That is what a liitle five year old girl said.   Isn't that sad   and now I see two older ladies being harrassed by Police in Melbourne.    Their crime sitting on a park bench together.   What a State of affairs.   When I watched the video I was shocked at 5 Police confronting two hardened criminals having some fresh air.;And then to see one of those Officers snatch the phone from one of ladies.   Thank goodness I do not live in Victoria.

I have just returned from walking with my little old Jack Russell   down to the beach and all sorts of thoughts entered my head about what is going on and what is happening to us as a  people.

Redhead is in a bit of a  quandary ,  things are changing so rapidly in the lovely country of ours , that free speech and personal ideas are no longer allowed.   I had decided that from here on I will be writing about "once upon a time"   nostalgic   , old memories,  everyday happenings of a non political nature.   Things we used to do with the kids when they were young.     Swimming in the creek,  Looking for rabbits up on the  high paddocks.    Off for  footy matches.  After school all piled into the  car for a trip across to the local  beach , I could even go further  back and tell stories about my childhood.  80 odd years ago.  
10 Nostalgic Photos That Capture the Magic of Childhood Wendell Crockett


Then this happened. Two innocent people being treated in this manner here in Australia   no wonder we feel safer living with memories. 
Is this what we have been reduced to , telling stories   of happenings many years ago, because we are now afraid that something we may say will be misconstrued  and we will have our doors broken open and    our selves in trouble.   It is so sad and also very frightening to see video clips of the arrests and invasion of homes that have  been happening in certain areas of our lovely country.
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We have to find ways of filling in time, amusing ourselves.   You can't sit and watch TV all day and all night.  Heavy gardening and massive clean ups are out,  not wise to get up on ladders or stools, we all know what happened last year when a plastic stool collapsed and I ended up on the  floor with a badly damaged leg and blood all over the place.     So I took to writing  little articles  about things that I found  wrong,  or unfair , or cruel , live export of our animals for example, the murder of unborn fully developed babies.  political decisions  I felt were very biased or not in the best interests of the people in general.     
It is a terrible thing when for the first time in my life I am now slightly apprehensive about speaking my mind.  Everyone knows what redheads are like , full of fire and brimstone,  stand up for  things that are seen as unfair ,  don't stand any nonsense , but good fun  to be around.   Life is never boring if there is a redhead in your life. 
 At least that is  what my late husband used to say,  and he stayed  around for 65 years with this particular  redhead in his life.  

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not our Redhead. But you get the idea!

So folks  nostalgia  time is  the order of the day.     We can dream of what we used to have and what we used to do.  Places we used to visit and people we used to have come calling.   Even jobs we had , now we can only dream.   I think we all need to put our faith in God and pray that there will be an end to this mixed up life we are living and hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Or maybe be like the little girl and ask Santa just in case God is a bit busy right now with you know who.

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