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These days, it seems that anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Morrison has bungled the Brereton Report; America is in meltdown; China is smelling the blood of it's foes and the wolves are circling the injured prey that is our Civilisation.

So much is collapsing at present that it is hard to know where to start. Brush fires are becoming infernos and pathways to safety are closing before our eyes. So all I can do is to write from the perspective of a besieged and shocked observer and ponder how the hell this will all end.

I am a great fan of metaphor and allegory. Analogy works well for me as well. I often have to use these tools when I find something hard or impossible to comprehend. Normally, I can come up with a story that fits my analogy; but these days, I am being bombarded by so many incomprehensible realities that it is too difficult to find one narrative to fit the bill on so many fronts.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison blew what little respect I had for him with his " brutal truth " bullshit. Without having read this report that, in retrospect, was the lit cigarette that started the bushfire that has now turned in to an out of control inferno, he has utterly destroyed lives. Last year, when he went on holiday during the bushfires here in Australia, perhaps it was just as well that he wasn't here. For myself, he has shown himself to be a weak and spineless Politician. A spin Doctor. Great with the words and thin on the ground when conviction and leadership are required.

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While Tony Abbott was at the front line fighting the fires Scotty from marketing was scratching his bum and had his hands in his pockets while he waited for Turnbull to give him his next orders.

Now, a year on, Scott Morrison has outdone himself: he has singlehandedly insulted our Special Forces, apologised to our enemies, offered money to our foes and made us appear to be brutal murderers and incompetent sadists.

I am sure that the children of Veterans from all around the world share my disgust. 


Thank goodness for Alan Jones who speaks so passionately and honestly about this National betrayal of our hard working and selfless Defense Force personnel.

Right now, I wish that Alan Jones was our Prime Minister, but, to be honest, even if he was, the bastards from the left would do what they are attempting to do to President Trump: destroy him.


The left are good at that. They destroyed Tony Abbott. They destroyed Peter Dutton's chance of leadership. They destroyed Brendan Nelson. Oh wait, that was Turnbull, wasn't it?

Over in America, the forces of darkness are gloating and circling the wagons as over 75 million voting Americans,  and their loved ones, are being threatened with the destruction of their  values, ways of life and Constitutional Freedoms.

China is the bully puppeteer who is pulling the strings and choreographing the performance.  

In America, in Australia, in New Zealand, in Hong Kong, in Taiwan, in the South Pacific, in Pakistan. All over the world, this monstrous production of the worst piece of theatre ever conceived, is playing out before our very eyes.

We are living inside a horror movie. A Zombie Apocalypse.

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When China unleashed its flu, it unleashed the hounds of hell on this planet. Without the help and encouragement of lackeys and lapdogs from within our own Nations, this Virus would have been nothing more than a bad flu season.

But they all cried out in fear and created panic and are literally scaring people to death. 

Economies have been destroyed, livelihoods lost,  freedoms surrendered. All because of a plot hatched in China, by China and with the complicit assistance of the enemies within our own Nations.

How will this Horror Show end? 

I believe we are in the last Act. The last Scene. Our only hope is that Trump triumphs. And he is up against it, isn't he? The media weasels, the political wolves and the hell hounds from the leftist populace are all set to not only destroy him but to disembowel him and devour him. 

There was a time that I felt that Judicial Justice would prevail. I think that the courts sold out long ago. 

All that is left is People Power and that is a Power that has been on hold for far too long.

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We have become accustomed to trusting the Judiciary, trusting in the Power of the Law. 

2020 has shown us that Trust now resides within our own hearts and is earned and not given away lightly.

Prime Minister Morrison betrayed the trust of the Australian Military this week and betrayed the trust of the Australian People by condemning soldiers as guilty without even having read the report.

China has pounced on this display of weakness and is going for OUR jugular. Morrison, like Comrade Dan in Victoria, Pluck a duck in Queensland and Princess Xindy in New Zealand ,  is sheltering behind the media and singing kombaya around the campfire while the wagons burn.

President Trump has been fighting for his entire term of office and has been betrayed, let down, set up and villified the entire time.


I feel that the time has come to stand up, be counted and declare that we are as mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore. 

We are kow towing to those who are removing our RIGHTS. Our freedoms are treated as commodoties to be discarded or gratefully received. 

Our votes have become fractions and diminshed in worth by machines programmed to count as the Left want, not as we INTEND.

If Trump goes, China wins. It is that simple .

And God will have to help us, because no one else can.

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