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 It's hard to know where to start when it comes to the current state of the American election. One minute I am full of optimism and confident that Trump will prevail - the next minute, another batch of dodgy votes miraculously appear and each and every one of them is for Biden. 

If anyone thinks that this has been an honest election, then I, as the saying goes, have a bridge to sell you. 

It is obvious to even the most naive and trusting among us that something very wrong is happening behind the scenes. 

How more people have voted in some states than the number of registered voters is a bit of a give away.


There is also the issue of people being directed to use pens called sharpies instead of the normal black ball point pens required for the counting machines to scan the ballot. The sharpie ink cannot be detected by the machines to the vote doesn't register. 

Even Sleepy Joe admitted that there would be voter fraud.

 As one person on twitter onserved

" So...bumbling Mr. Bean with dementia who made his daughter shower with him and knowingly let his son sexually abuse his granddaughter gets the most votes of any Presidential candidate in history? China Joe? Sorry, not buying it. " 

Then there is the small issue of one county where a vote of over 153,000 ballots was recorded in favour of Biden, leading him to a massive lead... only to find it was a " typo " and it should have been 15,300.


Once this tiny error was rectified, Trump is back in front.


Of course, anons online have been talking about this for a very long time.



 There is also the small matter of the secret watermarks that have been put on the authentic ballots. Unbeknown to the public, this was done to differentiate between real and dodgy votes.

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 At this stage, it is clear that the only losers today are the American people and this roller coaster ride is far from over. 



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