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What a mess. When Dame Edna Everidge used to throw her gladdy into the audience and cry " Hello Possums! " it was a declaration of Australianism - that unique and wonderful blokey bloke, quintessential " bugger you mate - I am Australian and proud of it. ".

Today we are seeing Gladdy thrown under the bus and to be honest, she bought the ticket and queued up to take the fall. 

To say that she made a blue is fair. As did Bronnie Bishop when she took a helicopter ride. As did Barnaby Joyce when he ' promoted "  a staffer to a more exalted postion on his pillow.  As did Bridget McKenzie when she was a bit too generous with certain electorates. As did old mate Barry O' Farrell over a bottle of wine. Even Barry Humphries was thrown under the bus by the lefties. 

What has Australia become?


Have we lost this?

The only people so far who have managed to avoid the wrath of public opinion over " being naughty " are Jacquie Trad the Impaler and Danslaughter from Victoria. 

Funny that. The Conservative Politicians fall on their swords and the Greenie Leftie Luvvies fall on a bed of avocadoes and toddle off back to Union Land. I believe that Gladys was a fool. She jeopordised her entire political career over an  elevated crop of pillows.  As did Barnaby.  But Barnaby's pillow partner wasn't selling off her position to the highest bidder.  

I believe that Australians don't like liars or cheats. It is that simple.

Gladdy has thrown herself into the audience and is hoping like hell that the possums will pick her up , give her a vase and some water. 

Sadly, Gladys saw the writing on the wall back in 2018. She got rid of a crook from her Government but kept him in her bed.



Danslaughter is brazenly holding out with his commo mates and surviving a vote of no confidence.  In spite of the glaringly obvious decision to turn Victoria into a State of Lockdown. Forget the Smartstate number plates, or the Garden State. Victoria is now a State of Disaster, a State of Chaos and a State of Despair.

Queensland used to be The Sunshine State. Now our numberplates could read a State of Confusion, a State of Isolation, a State of Cruelty and a State of Ruin.

Who knows what they will read if the Impaler, Miles the Moron and Pluck the duck get voted back in? No doubt the State of the Union. For that it is what it will be. Like Victoria, run by the Unions, for the Unions and the Union Members paying their dues and owing their souls to the company store.

I feel deeply sorry for Gladys. I truly do. She was lonely and thought that she had found love.

But we cannot forgive her for being a "  frail and naive female "  and then condemn the likes of Barnaby, Bronwyn, Barry and Bridget. It doesn't work that way.

When someone enters Politics or in fact any office in the Public SERVICE, there must be some accepted responsibility to SERVE THE PUBLIC.

Sleeping with the enemy is not part of that service.

If the Gladdy is thrown in to the audience, then we must surely reflect on those that were not thrown into the audience of public opinion, but were thrown under the bus that is modern political condemnation.

At this rate, the only people left standing in our Parliaments will be people who stand with the Unions, the Lefties, the Greenies and the radicals.

The human element will have left on a helicopter over a bottle of wine and surrendered because of ill advised pillow talk. 

Meanwhile, the Socialist Left will be locking us up and kicking back over a glass of Chinese Whiskey and saying " chin chin ' to Xi and embracing the next Chinese Warships into our harbours and ports.  Our pastoral lands will be crippled by the financial and trade blackmail from China. 

These are dangerous times. 






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