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Ardern called it the Covid Election. If it was a horse race you would say the frivolous fraudulent filly beat the tried and true thoroughbred. The win was not unexpected as by ensuring all the others in the race had more hurdles to jump than she did Ardern guaranteed herself the win. By stacking the odds in her favour she won by the length of the race track. She made sure she would be the first and only one out of the starting gates when the gun went off. Everyone else was left in the stalls. republished from The BFD

The 2020 election campaign should go down in history as the most appropriated in living memory. By that I mean, through the use of Covid, Ardern took possession of the campaign for her own benefit. With a media wind of gale force intensity behind her, she effectively commandeered the campaign for her own ends. I can’t remember such a blatant in your face attempt to manipulate a campaign as this woman has shamelessly executed.

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Looking back it is easy to see what her game was. Right from the start, she saw Covid as the means to implement her Marxist theories. This was her moment to exercise full control over the populous, her chance to mould them into her team of five million. The first thing we were told was that if we didn’t obey her orders up to 80,000 of us would likely die. The classic ploy of an autocrat. The easiest way to get control is through fear. To ensure the fear factor was kept front and centre she instituted her afternoon party political broadcast with her playmate Bloomfield.

The next move was to lock the comrades down. To make the lockdowns work she needed to get the Police on board. The Police, who seem to have become bereft of any independent thinking, just followed orders whether it was lawful or otherwise. To make matters worse they went for the easy targets for harassment such as families sitting quietly on beaches enjoying the sunshine. When it came to gangs at funerals and the like disobeying all the orders they simply became onlookers. This was quite disgraceful behaviour from those employed to uphold the law.

This didn’t worry Ardern though. Not a word of criticism when all was going to plan. Chase families around but let the gangs do what they like. As with the guns, hit the law abiding citizens and ignore those who break the law. Even her own Health Minister was allowed to go on the beach, have a mountain bike ride and move house. That was no doubt permitted as he was part of her oligarchy. Everyone else, apart from going to the supermarket, risked the ire of the police.

New Zealand became pretty much a police state. We were virtually under house arrest. Many businesses could have kept operating. Construction sites where mostly young fit healthy people worked could have kept going. On-site testing could have been introduced.  It was only the elderly that needed the most protection. They didn’t get protected and there was no testing. As far as Ardern was concerned you just lock everything and everyone down as per her Marxist instincts. Like all autocrats you don’t worry about the economic effects of your actions, it’s controlling the people that matters.

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Ardern managed, by her regular media appearances, to start her election campaign (of fear) in March. She has been able to manipulate it, using Covid, right through to the end of the official campaign. How fortunate, for her, she happened to be only one to get an official campaign launch. Due to her wielding of power nobody else did. What is really disappointing, even mystifying, is the fact that she has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of so many of her two-legged sheep. As the figures, last night have shown literally millions fell for it.Her last-minute appeal to the undecided voters was in the form of a blackmail and a threat – vote for me or I’m leaving politics. What else does that tell you? It tells me she’s solely in politics for the adulation and the glory. That is the reality of her three years. She couldn’t care less about building houses, getting people out of poverty or anything else. It’s all about the popularity and the adoration. She’s as shallow as a car park puddle. We have a Prime Minister displaying school girl intellect.

This seriously calls into question the psyche of the average Kiwi voter, that they could be so enamoured with a woman who promised so much and delivered so little. If she was running a courier company the parcels wouldn’t even have left the depot. Policies, the economy, none of that seemed to matter. The phone was off the hook. All that seemed to matter was this woman had saved their lives and they were still breathing thanks to her. Their decision may have them wondering in the coming months why their situation is a worsening one.

In my view Ardern brazenly set out, with the help of a compliant and biased media,  to steal this election. This time three years hence, her mesmerised flock mightn’t think she’s quite the dag they do now.

From The BFD

Some comments from social media and blogs share the Kiwi concern:

" Ardern, Robertson and Mallard are going to have their hands full with all these newbie MP’s.... going to be hard controlling the message and the house with all that talent."

" I weep for New Zealand. "

" Today is the day Labour will start cashing the blank cheque it has been issued. No policy obligations, no promises to deliver on. Just a mandate to do whatever the hell they want, without restraint. Buckle up, New Zealand."

" What can you say? A Landslide victory for Labour on the back of a 3 year term where they delivered nothing except incompetence, failure and inadequacy."

" A stunning result in more ways than one."

" New Zealand is in recession. How is Labour going to improve the lives of working men and women? Subsidies, government make-work and life-support for zombie companies will only sink the country further into debt. "

" Last night was a sea of red. The next three years a sea of red ink. "

" In line with United Nations requirements expect the announcement of a much larger intake of “refugees” especially jihadist muslims from the Middle East and North Africa. Oh New Zealand, what have you done? "

" The question is whether Australia actually offers an escape from Marxism? Looking at Victoria and Qld and WA and their equally fucking disgusting leaders – I’d say they are going to follow NZ’s path into Idiocracy. "

" More than half of the NZ voting public actually managed to see through the teeth ,the smile ,and the lies and bullshit that only Cindy has been spinning for three years ,,take heart from that."

" In saying that there is now no doubt that NZ has the dumbest population in percentage of people over 18 in the developed World. "

 " I voted in support for Taranaki Oil and Gas.
I voted for our farmers who appeared to be under constant attack.
I voted for infrastructure and better roads for various parts of New Zealand.
I voted for freedom of speech and movement.
I voted for the climate scam to be less scary for our youngsters and the “C”s, “O2”s and “H4”s of this world to be left to get on doing what they have being doing for millions of years.
I voted for many things but it appears that half of the population don’t want or need any of that.
And that’s OK. I can live with that and really will not be personally effected very much at all.
You can only bang your head against the wall for so long.
I voted for New Zealand, but Aotearoa won on the night. "

" it's been a term of records for the last government. Record high house prices, record drops in GDP (in recent years) record numbers of strikes, record high levels of debt now(in recent years) and forecast, record levels of homelessness, of state houses waiting lists, record highs of child poverdy, record numbers of the word poverty pronounced 'poverdy'. record high unemployment, record numbers seeking topups, record high 'minimum wage'. What will be the next record the new government will be targeting to smash? All of the above? Nett migration? "

" And unfortunately all their records of failure have resulted in a record victory, go figure "

" No one in my family talked about who they voted for. I was the only one that went to bed early, around 9pm. The rest of the family sat glued to the TV. I wonder what that means?
I wasn't surprised that Labour won. They have controlled the narrative for the last 6 months and enabled Ardern to be front and centre every day talking up how she is saving us all.
Throwing $50 million at an already left media with a promise of another $75 million if elected doesn't do any harm either. They have some very smart back room people controlling things.
In February and from memory, Ardern's popularity had waned to the mid 30's. If it wasn't for Covid she would not be the PM today." 

" I am extremely surprised that the Greens were able to garner so much support and even more surprised of the result in Central Auckland. I would of thought that the debacle that has become the CBD , ridiculous cycle way issue along Tamaki Drive and even more ridiculous policy of a wealth tax would of severely damaged them. It will be interesting to study the data on where their support came from.
NZ First, good riddance. Peter's legacy will that of the catalyst that destroyed New Zealand. Where did their votes go. My guess, some to ACT but a lot to Labour as many would of been of the older generation and driven to fear due to covid and the messaging. "

" I am pleased for the result of ACT. Seymour is hard working an a straight shooter "

" Finally I feel sorry for Judith Collins. Too little too late and she should of been in the leaders position a couple of years ago which to me means that they have to get rid of the hierarchy and re build. It might be that Collins is not too unhappy that Labour won the election "

" I wonder if media will now start doing their job? They have successfully helped deliver Miss Ardern into power, but she brought a Labour government with her.
Will “9 years of neglect” still fly? Will smiles, kindness, and hugs, still trump competence and delivery?
How long can she milk Covid?
If there is one thing I’m sure of ... Ardern cannot hide all the Kelvin’s in a cupboard. And 4 or 5 ministers cant do it all. " 

" The next 3 years could be very entertaining. Sad for NZ, but entertaining. " 

" I was talking to a younger friend last night who has worked at polling booths for the last three elections ( including this one). He said that he has never seen so many young absolute drop kick voters turn up to vote and he felt sure that the only reason they turned up to vote, was to vote yes for the cannabis referendum. You know how they would have voted. A smart ploy by the Greens and Labour."



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