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Back in 1851, the great Australian Gold Rush began. While the California Gold rush had begun some years before in 1848, the newly formed Colony of New South Wales had covered up the news of any gold find in Australia because it didn’t want the poor colonists to bugger off in search of wealth and abandon their work in the emerging townships and cities.

However, when the Colonial Government saw what potential wealth could be had from prospecting for gold, they decided that it was a pretty good idea to encourage the poor, down and out, hardworking folk to head off and seek their (and the Government’s ) fortune.

Not only did the Gold rush of 1851 change the perception of Australia as a Convict Colony, it also opened the floodgates to massive migration as people from around the world sailed to these shores to “ dig up a quid “.

That Victoria became a separate colony in 1851 is not coincidental in my opinion. What a splendid way of populating the new colony? Have a Gold Rush and it certainly worked.

Australia's total population went from 430,000 in 1851 to over one a half million in 1871, thanks to the Gold Rush.

Between 1852 and 1860, 290,000 people migrated to Victoria from the Old Country, 15,000 came from Europe, and 18,000 emigrated from the United States.

Some migrants hailed from China.  In 1855, Victoria enacted the Chinese Immigration Act 1855 which pretty much introduced a strict control on the numbers of people arriving in to Victoria from China. To avoid this, many Chinese simply sailed to South Australia and entered “ through the back door.”


As time passed, gold was found in Western Australia and Queensland, opening up vast areas for populations to open up new townships and areas of settlement. Like the southern parts of Australia, these gold discoveries were in remote or regional Australia and it was in no small way that the Australia we know today was born during the Gold Rush that lasted up to and beyond the Federation of Australia in 1901.

By the 1970’s Australia had abandoned a policy of “ White Australia “ and embraced multiculturalism.

It also abandoned any reliance on self reliance: slowly but surely, Australia became reliant on China, a country whose Race and ethnicity it once shunned.

One only has to visit a supermarket or order virtually anything in Australia these days and you will, if you have a magnifying glass, eyes like a hawk and the ability to read labels written in a font smaller than a pinhead, see the words “ Made in China. “. In fact, increasingly, I am told you will see “ Made in the PRC “ which is … China.

Our Australian Universities are in shock because of their reliance on Chinese full feeing paying students to prop up their financial expectations. With the Corona Virus, the University of Melbourne is paying – yes paying - $7500 for a student to have a holiday in some other country, stay for the two week “ quarantine “ period, have a jolly nice time and come back to Australia and start to wander the hallowed halls of our woke leftist University degree factories.


When a University student can graduate with a Degree in Shit Studies without barely speaking English, it comes as no surprise that toilet paper is almost symbolic of the toilet our Universities have created in the name of Multiculturalism, Marxism and “ show me the money ism. “

Australian Tourism is collapsing, so heavily reliant are we as a Nation on the mighty Chinese Yuan.

For, to paraphrase Tolkien

“ Yuan ring to rule them, yuan ring to bind them.. “ It certainly has a ring to it.


Our Australian Agricultural land and enterprises, from Dairy farms to Cattle Farms; our Milk and Dairy producers are largely owned by Chinese companies.

With the ban on flights from China, it comes as no surprise that our entire economy is in the toilet because we put all our eggs in one basket and backed China.

We barely produce steel. We do not have nuclear power. Our coal powered electricity is closing down. Our water has been sold to foreigners. Our farmers are denied access to the water that flows through their land. We export our raw materials for other countries to use and get penalized when they use our resources, despite us not availing ourselves of that opportunity.

We have some of the most expensive electricity in the world. We cannot build dams because Greta wouldn’t approve.

When toilet paper is flying off the shelves to be sold online to China one has to wonder how far we have progressed as a Nation. When the average Aussie stockpiles toilet paper yet happily pays for shit from China, takes shit from China and flushes Australia down the toilet for a cheap plastic toaster made by slave labour from some poor bugger who has probably subsequently had his or her body parts recycled as an organ donor, then it is no small wonder that Australia is in the shit.


Our Prime Minister will need more than a hand sanitiser to sort this mess out and masking it in racism, hate speech and other bullshit will not wash with most Australians.

In fact we are so sick of the shit, so sick of the crap, so tired of the sewer of political correctness, it is no small wonder that we are buying toilet paper to send a message to our Government.

We are sick of the shit.


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