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It' s been a big year from all around the globe this year with more nominations than ever before in history. In a field of standout contenders internationally, the Australian Finalists for 2020 have been announced. It has been a hard decision due to the sheer volume of incredibly sh!t people we had to choose from. 

The Semi Finalists were ( in no particular order) :

Scott Morrison - for creating the National Cabinet and unleashing the Premier Power Push on 25 million Australians. Also for not taking Section 92 to the High Court, as has Clive Palmer.

Jeanette Young, Chief Health Officer for Queensland - for ignoring the health needs of every Queenslander who doesn't have Covid-19.

Steven Miles - Deputy Premier of Queensland and Minister for Health - for being a sanctimonious pork chop with the intelligence of a blood sucking tick


However, it was a no brainer when it came to the front runners.

David on twitter said:

" Australia’s Biggest Arsehole awards are back on and again we have narrowed the field down to just two . I can’t pick a winner here between Dictator Dickhead Dan or Annastacia Pile-of-Shit . I think the Chook  takes it by a nose for being such a cold heartless bitch !! " 


 Yarra Jewel felt it was Comrade Dan:

" Dan is a mass murderer, Pile of shit only hopes to be as dastardly as Dickhead Dan ..."


 Brian Peter Hudson suggested 

" Director Dan , followed by the Chief heath officer, Yes The Qld Premier, then,,,,,,"


 What a disgrace that the sh!t people of the year are those that pontificate about keeping us safe by stripping us of our right to dignity, freedom and are in clear violation of Section 92 of our Constitution.

Section 92 of the Constitution says: "trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free."

Section 118 of our Constitution states: "Full faith and credit shall be given, throughout the Commonwealth to the laws, the public Acts and records, and the judicial proceedings of every State."

This could mean that certain health measures could conflict with Section 92? I have no idea but it is something that needs clarifcation once and for all. 

Clive Palmer's High Court challenge is of vital importance not just for 2020, but for our future as a Federation. 

 It really doesn't matter if Clive Palmer's motivation is selfish - it matters that he is doing what the Federal Government should have done. At the end of the day, Morrison is guilty of being weak and spineless - and would win the Spineless Jelly of the year Award. 

But this is the Sh!t Person of the Year Award so the Communist Cohorts in the form of Comrade Dan and Pluckaduck are lay down miseres.

If Queenslanders vote to return this Queensland Toad to 4 more years of her poison, all those Victorians currently bailing out and buying property here will find that they have gone from the frying pan in to the fire.

Without people like Peta Credlin who is doing what, quite frankly, has been a masterclass in investigative journalism, people like Dan Andrews will get away with , as the " saying " goes, murder . It is to our great shame that Queenslanders do not have someone of her calibre gnawing at the heels of the Queensland Government.

There is a sickness spreading throughout our Nation and throughout the world at large. It is a sickness far more dangerous than Covid 19. It is the sickness of apathy, blindness and self deception. This " she'll be right mate " attitude will not see us through to the other side of this mess. 

Too many people today are either cowered in fear and so conditioned to the Nanny State that they think that the Government has a duty to make decisions for them. Others are just too damned apathetic to do anything other than believe the lies and misdirection being churned out by left wing Main Stream Media. 

Just as the American election is one of the most important in global history, our Queensland election is potentially a turning point for 5 million Queenslanders. The Victorian people returned Comrade Dan to power - to their detriment. Just imagine what Queensland Labor could do with 4 years of unrestrained authority. 

Can Queensland do Australia a favour and get rid of at least one sh!t person  at the end of this month? And, if we do manage to remove the horror of Queensland Labor's heartless headless chook , can we get convince Frecklington to say, in Trump's famous words " Jeanette Young - you are FIRED. " 






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