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There is an ever increasing number of sad stories coming out about how the 70 plus are being treated.     Is it a campaign to get them out of the way,   so that the more conservative members of the population are either locked up and only allowed to go outside at certain hours   to make sure that they become more quickly senile. Then the Leftie Luvies will  vote with their sick minds and place yet another idiot in power .  Is what what they hope to achieve all over the world.
In Spain the 70 plus have a time they are "allowed"  to go outside,   A number of them are unsure what the time is,  English residents,  so they don't go.  Still in lockdown.    Why  is the age 70 the start of this let's take their independence away from them, let's make them frightened to mix with others.   I have spoken to several neighbours in their mid 70's and they say they  have lost confidence in themselves.   What a situation  to find yourself in when normally   there are still  many good years of activity  to be enjoyed.
Recently in South Australia another case has made the headlines with regard to the Care of a 54 year old lady who has had for a number of years a Carer come to her home and supposedly look after her.   When finally rescued was found  stuck to a chair covered in filth ,   sores and ulcers , she was taken to hospital but later died.    Some months ago there was a similar case from a so called Nursing home in S. Australia .   So stuck that part of the bed or chair ( I can't remember which)   had to be taken with her to be removed.    Something has to be done to ensure the welfare of the disabled and very elderly.       Is it the old story of how cheap can we run these places and not worry about the guests.   We have to have efficient and truthful Inspectors visit all these Care Homes all over Australia,.
We have a Government in New Zealand  who have just passed a bill allowing   a woman who is in the process of delivering a baby to say I don't want it  because it is a  girl .. or a boy..   so abort it.    This is not an "it" this is a little baby .      This act is murder  and should be  treated as such.  These so called mothers have 3 months  when they first find they are expecting a little one to have an abortion.   After that it should be only for very dire medical reasons.   But you know why they are  doing this murderous act , because they use the baby parts for vaccines and goodness only  knows what other  uses.   I only know the very bare details  I find it too appalling and distressing to know all the  gory details.   We also have States here in Australia who have very similar  abortion  reasons.   They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for voting a "yes" to a bill of such cruelty.
poor baby
I  will now go on to discuss the educational ins and outs of what they are  slipping into the teaching of our children,    masturbation,  sexual behavior, same sex relationships, changing from girls to boys and visa versa  .   We all know that up until about the age of 7 years old little kids behave like one another,  girls climb trees,  boys like a teddy bear....   they are pretty much the same.   Why are we trying to change this  happy time of their lives.  
Nothing should be allowed to be done until the individual   is at least 16 years old.  Then it is their decision and theirs alone.   Parents should be  accept that  they are parents and not try and change things for their liking.
To finish off, let me go back to the   unfair treatment of the 70 plus  , we have enough to put up with,  Medicals for a Drivers Lic.     We are careful and experienced drivers,  I personally have been driving  since 1954   and am still driving.   66 years.   We  still have our senses, still can look after ourselves , still decide what is  the right thing to do,  still wash our hands and take a couple of showers a day , still have clean sheets on our beds. Still walk the dog.  I could keep going on   but we are being treated like little children who haven't  learnt anything yet.
 Give us back our independence and get off our backs!    I am 87 years old and I am still a human being.

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