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15th March marks the anniversary of a very nasty day in New Zealand’s history. It is the Anniversary of an attack, by “ an Australian Right Wing Trump supporter on innocent moslems going about their business worshipping Allah in a mosque in the land of the Kiwi.” Quote not necessarily accurate but you get my drift. My words not Princess Cindys.

Princess Cindy, darling of the left, is a wicked Communist who has fundamentally changed New Zealand – for the worse. New Zealand is now estranged from its bigger brother Australia and in ONE YEAR she has made New Zealand a poster child for experimental Socialism.

Before you get your knickers in a knot, let me drill back in time and tell a tale of a rather strange election and a sad time in New Zealand that could have changed it forever. Because, in the General Election in NZ back in 2017, following the shock resignation of long standing Prime Minister John Key, 44.4% of Kiwis voted for a continuation of sound Government under the Conservative National Party. 36.9% voted Labour and Winston Peter’s New Zealand First party gathered a whopping 7.2 % of the vote. And Winston Peters is not even a member of Parliament?

Because of the unusual way New Zealand determines who is in charge, the ruling Party and future of New Zealand was put in the hands of one man: Winston Peters. Leader of the New Zealand First Party. Who isn't even a member of Parliament?


He labored and worried, struggled and lost sleep. A man, who is a list Member of Parliament and doesn't even hold a seat in the New Zealand Parliament but, because he is the Leader of a party who holds the balance of power , He, Winston Peters, got to choose who would lead New Zealand.

Winston Peters chose labour. And so, Ms Jacinda Ardern, former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth , on the strength of a member of a Party standing for the rights of New Zealanders, anti immigration but WITH NO SEAT IN PARLIAMENT chose to back Comrade Cindy.

Such is the lunacy of the electoral process. Winston Peters could not even win a seat in Parliament yet he is Deputy Prime Minister…. I shake my head.

Since then, back in September 2017. New Zealand has seen a lot of changes. But none so great as that which occurred in March 2019 when a mosque was apparently targeted by a maniacal Australian, Brenton Tarrant.

That attack was seized upon by the new Prime Minister and she donned a hijab, embraced her moslem kiwis and wept and pronounced that she would remove guns from New Zealanders, and, later, denounce President Trump for supporting Israel ( how dare he) and then addressed the United Nations with words of love and support for multiculturalism and gee, climate change is a bitch.

This woman who is heralded by the Left and wears a hijab – a head scarf that, in my opinion, is a symbol of oppression and subjugation of women – in places around the moslem world women get 200 lashes of a whip and imprisoned for decades – this Socialist person elected on the word of a man who does not even hold a seat in the Parliament – is nothing short of idiocy.


Yet the left adore her and the right have no idea how she got to rule a Nation that, previously, was a beacon of common sense and normality.

The 15th of March , the anniversary of the alleged attack on a mosque in Christchurch by a right wing pro Trump Australian…. Even the name of the city is a bit of a strange thing.

But I am no doubt completely wrong.

After all, now that Princess Cindy is the darling of the United Nations, little Miss Greta and the MSM I wonder… if New Zealand had a decent leader to challenge her, would it make any difference?

Simon Bridges is a dill. He is hopeless in front of the cameras and worse in front of his peers. In my humble opinion. 

If New Zealand First gets a seat in Parliament in New Zealand, will Winston Peters be able to once again change the footprint of New Zealand? Will 7% of the population once again choose the fate of a Nation?

Yes,the 15th of March is the anniversary of a rather ghastly day in history. But was this day a bad day because of an attack on a mosque or because it marks the day that the Nation changed forever?

I have my views. But, in New Zealand these days, I had better stop for fear of getting a visit from the Hate Police.

All hail Cindy. NOT. I hope she is ousted in the next elections. Because this once proud Nation of Pioneers and hardworking people will become an enclave of Communism, Socialism - call it what you will - all because of an alleged attack by an alleged right wing Australian who allegedly loved President Trump - and all the evidence has been wiped from the internet to prove or disprove what really happened 365 days ago.

No matter what, Cindy has a lot to be thankful for and Winston Peters has a lot to, one day, explain when he goes to Cape Reinga to meet his elders.





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