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 We are asked to believe that a single nutter from Australia came across the ditch and managed to obtain weapons and singlehandedly carry out a massacre of innocent people in a Mosque in Christchurch. From obscurity, the country that the rich and famous invested millions in, in order to secure their bolt hole should “ things go wrong “ New Zealand suddenly became the most talked about country in the world.

And continues to be so. Much of the hype is because the New Zealand Government seems to be enjoying the limelight – does it want to keep the issue alive? It was not sufficient to speak out, cry, offer prayers and heartfelt sympathy and sorrow to the victims and their families?


Miraculously, the day of the shooting, some of the best armed offenders and anti terrorism squad members were in town for a training event.

It is indeed fortunate that New Zealand Law makers were able to draw up a 600 page change to gun laws so quickly. Whew.

It was unfortunate that the doors in the Mosque had updates to their ability to open and close just before the attack – what a bugger.

The Aussie Nutter posted a comprehensive Manifesto online and, again, thankfully, this was pulled down quickly from New Zealand Internet really fast – because, gosh, it would have been awful for the poor average Kiwi to read it.

The video that he took and posted live online was equally speedily taken down and people in New Zealand who watch it or download it are being arrested and locked up. Kiwis were told not to watch it or download it. Human Nature? Watch it and download it. Kids will be kids. We will always do what we are told not to.

These irresponsible and terrible New Zealanders are now being rounded up and arrested, detained without bail and about ready to face over a decade in the Big House. And good job too. We cannot have people doing something so dreadful as watching something online without making sure that it is safe for them to do so.

The Government in New Zealand has now implemented censorship of the internet to protect Kiwis. Heaven forbid that someone accesses the internet and sees something that could be upsetting and, well, traumatising.



When was this really planned?

What was this really all about?

Who really planned it?

And most importantly, Why?

The Maori Bikie Gangs are rallying behind their Brown Brothers. 

 New Zealanders are rallying with their new found Best friends Forever. And they are so fortunate that the Mongrel Mob and the Black power Gangs are standing with them. With Cindy at their side and leading their team, who knows what they can achieve?

It will be wondrous to behold.

For some reason, I see the image of the ruined Christchurch Cathedral, once resplendant and holy, destroyed by an Earthquake and shattered to a thing of Ruin and times gone by. I see the Maori Bikies embracing something that seems to not sit so comfortably with their Mana and all of their Spiritual Belief in  centuries of wisdom.

What do other Maoris feel?

But perhaps, most importantly of all, I see fear, Mataku. 

Mataku is Fear. Dread. 

If the Mongrel Mob and Black Power do not see Mataku. they should. 

I smell a rather big rat here. It is one with a very big tail, a very big set of teeth and a very cunning personality. 

The Pakeha New Zealanders appear to be taking this new found love of Islam rather well, as do the Maori Bikers.

But what about the rest of New Zealand? How do they feel? Or are they unable to tell us, now that they have been gifted the asylum of silence, deafness and  blindness - all, of course, for their own good?



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