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Every so often when I turn the TV on  to hopefully watch something light and interesting I  see Parliament in session .     I stay to see if something worth while might be  being talked about.   But no, there is only loud cat calls and raucous interruptions .   Especially if Scott Morrison has been asked a question.    The opposition does not want to hear the answer  , is not interested in the answer and makes as much noise  as possible.  

It seems to be  the accepted  behavior , this rudeness , this constant heckling .   It actually should be very unacceptable behavior , I am surprised the  Speaker does not kick all the rowdy interjectors out of the   chamber.


Every so often the young school children are allowed to attend one of these "entertaining"  afternoons.     What kind of  image are they getting of adult behavior when the so called top people in our Country behave like unruly  morons.   Our elected representatives , people we think might be able to run the Country , make sensible decisions , do their best , and they behave like a TV  comedy  of unruly  idiots being as rude as possible.


When you see Nasty Nancy  tearing up a copy of the State of the Union speech  and  pulling faces,  what example is she giving.    When you view the Ladies in White behaving as I have described our Opposition behaving  in our Parliament what example are we setting for our young  people.

We wonder what makes them follow stupid  ideas and join in marches and rallies protesting about all manner of things.   Making placards and thinking all sorts of very negative thoughts , then shouting them out loud in the streets. If we set a good example and  showed proper polite  adult behavior  particularly in our Parliament maybe we would be half way there to presenting our young ones with some form of behavior to emulate.


All I can say , I can't stand listening to, or watching such unruly  and rude behavior, so I don't know why they bother to film  and present their  dreadful afternoons on TV.    Fortunately we still have some schools which favour a  well presented  and polite image from their students but what a shame we cannot show them a session in Parliament which shows something they could be proud of instead of coming away  feeling so let down.  

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