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90 minutes of emotion against rational thought. Welcome to the Vice Presidential debate of 2020. And what a debate it was.

I sat watching the VP hopeful, Ms Kamala Harris grind her way through an hour and a  half of deflection and sobs; nasal emotional pleas for justice and a fly buzzing around while a dog barked and a camel pissed itself.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence sat calmly like an indulgent yet powerful parent whilst the little kiddie choked back sobs with " heartfelt and intense emotion " and Daddy shook his head and said " No. " 

Seriously, is this what we have come to? Reality TV where some disadvantaged brown woman croaks out pleas for social justice whilst a white Christian male sits back and endures her lies?

 Now, I am not from the military. I am not even American. But I tell you what:  if I needed a wingman, Mike Pence would be that man. What a stellar performance - and I use that word deliberately - he performed incredibly well.

As the fly buzzed and the camel  hissed and the lies spat and the dog barked, Vice President Mike Pence sat, spoke and reasoned against a deluge of fiction. 

The thing that got me the most was the " Thank you Vice President Pence  your time is up"  Yet Ms two toes was able to pop her two bobs worth in, raise a hump or two and call him on a lie that she told. In overtime.

Don't you just love the " balanced " media? 

Made me think that  smell of their desperation is evidenced in the size of the lies they have to tell. They are desperate. The left are licking the boots of the Communists and are almost unashamedly lying in order to win by any means possible.

Lie? Absolutely.  

Maybe poor Karmala got used to debating her old mate Joe. 

Or maybe the fly was more than a fly?


Who knows.

What I do know is that the fly is trending on social media. Not the camel. 


Make no mistake. This was a debate between a brown woman and a white man.

This was a line drawn in the sand. 

This was the moment that people had to make a decision to support a brown woman or a white man or do something rather amazing:

Support someone on merit.

The fly was a distraction yet a symbol. 


Who knows whether it came from nature or was a creation of technology. I certainly do not know.

What I do know is that it should not have been a debate between brown, white, male or female.

It should have been a debate between two people from different political idealogies.

That one was white, one was brown, one was male or one was female is IRRELEVENT.

What matters most is the fly on the wall and that is who we are. The Fly on the wall.











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