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Make no mistake. President Trump is the People's President. Across the world. 

Just as Princess Diana, the People's Princess,  gained the love and admiration of the people when she walked through the minefields of Laos all those years ago, President Trump has gained the love and admiration of people for his courage walking back to work  after his brush with the Chinese Virus and leftist assasination attempts. He walked, as Princess Di did - with dignity, courage and incredible willpower and determination. 

I often wondered how Princess Di , Lady Di, call her what you will - how she did that walk in Laos. 

That takes guts. 

And President Trump did a Lady Di and stood firm in the face of adversity and fear and he stared down the demons that many of us could not.

That is hero stuff.

Many reading this will think that Lady Di was a show pony and President Trump is the same; anything for a photo opportunity. 

I disagree. It takes great courage to walk in a minefield and it takes enormous courage to walk in the minefield that has become Politics in America and the Western world these days.


Which brings me to this video.

I watched a video some years ago and I took the time to transcribe it today. 

When I read what I had transcribed, I felt some sense of foreboding. When someone threatens to spill the beans, they have a nasty habit of dying. 

In a car crash, a nasty bug, a plane crash... it matters not. 

They do seem to die. 

President Trump is similar to Lady Di in many ways. They didn't play ball with the elite.

Members of a club whose rules you do not defy. 

Trump is the People's President.

Back in March 2019, a person calling himself " Joe M " put up a video clip on bitchute. It was called " Q - the Plan to save the world. "

I watched it and it has taken me all of this time to transcribe it and post it as an article. And I couldn't. I had to write it as a quote. Because I do not want to be called out by the Thought Police for saying something that could be perceived as hate speech. 


So I place it as a an article that is for entertainment purposes and in no way reflects my personal opinion. 

Why now? Because until this week, I suppose I did not realise how low the left would and will go to get rid of the People's President.

I will give you a transcription of his words below and preface it by saying this: if we lose Trump ( much like the Royal Family lost their People's Princess ) what is left? 

When no one loves anymore, there is nothing. 

The Monarchy died with Diana. It has been on life support since then. The Queen is like your favourite Granma who keeps the family together - but when she dies, the family will be no more.

That is the way our world is going. When the powers that be kill off our elderly and vulnerable, they have killed off our humanity. Our compassion. 

The President of the United States is told to inject disinfectant into his veins by our Deputy Premier of Queensland. I am so ashamed of my State and my governance,. 


So here it is. The transcript.




What if I told you there was a reason for it all? What if I told you it was all done on purpose?

What if I told you that those, corrupting the world, poisoning our food and igniting conflict were themselves about to be permanently eradicated from the earth? You might think that an idealistic fantasy. 

Well, let me tell you a story.  

 We acknowldege that there are criminals of course. They rob your house, steal your phone, they can murder you too if they think that they can get away with it. We have all experienced criminals in one way or another.

Criminals, as we know, are those who choose personal gain over the rights of others for personal gain.

But here is where you need to expand your thinking. Criminals can also succeed in business and in politics and can be elected as our leaders. If a criminal became the President, can you imagine what could be achieved? They could use the full weight of their executive powers to achieve much larger crimes and ensure that their friends were enriched to the fullest extent possible. A criminal President could create alliances with other criminal Presidents and then collaborate on more criminal global activities. Anything goes. Drug running, human trafficking, whatever makes the big bucks.

The 20th Century was turbulent with war, economic disaster, famines and displacement. We have always accepted these things as human nature and simply the way things were. Something inevitable and due to human weaknesses of human nature that led us to these actions.

This is where we were all tragically wrong.

You are not a criminal. I am not a criminal. So how can we assume that it is human nature that is driving all this pain and misery? What if it wasn't human nature at all and as a result of something more deliberate? We were taught that Capitalism was the cause of the massive rich/poor divide and the reason for powerty? Which in turn is the reason for war, crime and starvation. Others were taught that Communism, the system of equal wealth across all people was really to blame for the mess. 

But you see, folks, it is none of these things. It is not our nature to fight and be racist. It is not in our nature to rob from others.

What you must learn is that it was the criminals all along. Yes, they got the power. More power than any criminal should ever have. 

They rose to the top of media companies that control our news and entertainment. They ascended to the top of the banking system.

Also to the Oval Office. 

To Brussels.

To the Vatican. 

To the Crown.

They crept in quietly. They became leaders in agricultural companies that control our food supply.

Big pharmaceutical companies: the ones we trust to help us when we are sick.

Nobody stopped them and they just recruited more criminals to help them. 

First they accumulated the world's wealth. They invented a system called Central Banking which lends money to Governments with interest, placing countries into eternal debt.

People's wealth got less - THEIR wealth got greater. MUCH GREATER.

When a criminal is already as rich as they can get, then protecting their ill gotten gains becomes the priority. Angry citizens, tired of being poor, are a major obstacle and will rebel if they suffer enough. The criminals needed to prevent this.  So they diverted their attention to the one remaining competitor, the people of the world : YOU AND ME. 

We are not happy with being ruled by criminals and working 3 jobs just to survive. They know we won't accept it. 

So they used their control of the media to set black against white, woman against man, young against old, moslem against Christian.

They convinced us that WE were the problem so that we would fight and destroy ourselves. To get it done faster, they attacked all aspects of humanity that make us strong.

Like Family.

Using THEIR influence over culture, they popularised lifestyle choices that led to broken homes, lost youth and substance abuse. I could talk all day about how they weakened us and it would turn your stomach.

Meanwhile, we were just trying to get on with living.

So where are all the good guys? Good people just want to get married, have kids and get on with makin a living and enjoy their liberty. .

Well, there were good guys. Many. One became President of the United States in January 1961. He knew about these criminals and he wanted them gone. He knew their intentions and he wanted to fight them.

Sadly, he had no idea how powerfuol they had become. 

President Reagan also had good intentions for the American people. He knew this criminal mafia controlled almost everything by this stage, including the powerful rogue intelligence agencies. His economic policies were promkising. But the criminals needed a weak America to hold on to power. Reagan was shown - with a bullet - that a growing US economy and prosperous citizens was not what the criminals wanted. 

It was looking pretty grim for the good people. Every time someone wanted to stand up and do the right thing, they got stopped. Were we ever to be freed? 

These criminals are also known as the Deep State, or cabal, because of how they control things behind the scenes.

Every President after Reagan was one of these Deep State Criminals and their empire grew even stronger. With each bad President came depths to which America and the world would sink. The world collpased in to darkness. 

Destroyed factories, declining job numbers, sicker people, opioids, destruction of Iraq, Syria and Yemen - pointless wars. Displacement of people in to Europe, ISIS, terrorism, collapsed governments, poverty and genocide. 

Total Misery.

Do you think that was invevitble? Hell no! Here is where things started to change and take a new turn. When the full picture is known, it will become one of the the greatest stories ever told. 

There are still some good people out there. Some good people still hold positions of power. They value humanity and the rule of Law. While the criminals discussed their game plan at Bilderberg meetings, the good guys were making plans of their own. The information age was coming to change history forever. 

As the internet flooded into every home and appliances became " smarter " and people started carring tracking devices.... an opportunity to put an end to criminal control over the world was emerging. We had become connected, trackable and surveilled. 


" They " became dependent, just like we did, on emails, SMS and instant communication. It made crime much easier but also put them on a grid, which, if accessed, by the right people, would expose their crimes to the public and end their iron grip once and for all.

In this new age of information, it was thought that the military should also have its own intelligence agency to focus on cyber crime and espionage. They called this the NSA, the National Security Agency. Here, they had every phonecall, email and text from every device - stored and archived. Whether it be someone's Doctor's appointment, or the Deep State setting up a massive heroin purchase from the Taliban. 

In the right hands, it would be enough information to expoae the entire sinister criminal plot to rob us blind and wipe us out. 

Here is the Plan. The Good Guys want to reclaim the world from the cabal and return it to the people. 

It would involve alliances with multiple countries since the globals had multiple rat lines, trade and other infrastructure in place that would need their cooperation.

It came down to two choices for America. Launch a Military Coup to seize the government from whoever was the cabal puppet in power at the time or win legitmately, take control of the NSA, expose the criminals for what they are and arrest them all.

Obviously the first option for the public would be very troubling. With people still preoccupied with cabal- engineered social issues, they would likely revolt and hurt themselves and others. No, it would have to be the latter. 

So they needed a candidate who could win and win big. 

Many States like California had been so heavily inundated by criminals that even the voting machines were electronically set up to swing votes any which way.  It would have to be a very decisive victory. 

Good Patriots in the US Military and their global partners asked Trump to run for President so that they could take back America without alarming the public. 

As soon as Trump started to show interest, " they " activated their media assets and viciously turned on him. That is when we saw the hatred emerge. 

When Trump won, shocked at their loss, they mobilised their full arsenal of intelligence, media money and intelligence against him to try to take back power. Their people at the top of the Department of Justice and the FBI put together a plan to frame Trump and have him impeached.

This is where we come back to the NSA again.

All messages were stored. 















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