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Chris Wallace calling Joe Biden " Vice President"  was an indicator of how the debate would go.

The VICE PRESIDENT? He is not the Vice President Mr Wallace!

Chris Wallace has already lost control of the debate  Or has he? Has he simply told us that it is a debate between Trump and two opponents? Wallace and Biden. Is he letting Trump know that he faces the Demoncraps and the media... I think he just did. 

It was a strange debate. Frustrating and annoying. No one actually said anything of any merit to be fair.

" Would you shut up, man? " I cannot believe that Joe Biden said that to the President of the United States of America.

It appears that Sleepy Joe had already started losing his temper. But he quickly gained control again and Biden said that Trump should get out of his bunker.... that's rich. Biden's been hiding in his basement all year.  In Biden's word's  " come on man! "

What's the bet Joe has a bloodshot eye tomorrow? If he didn't have a lens implant I will go hee. 

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No matter what, Sleepy Joe did better than I thought he would. 

To me, the biggest loser out of this debate was not Trump or Biden, but Chris Wallace. His repeated reference to Vice President Biden was embarrassing and inaccurate - much like the democrats modis operandi these days.

When someone is chosen to host a debate of this scale and National and International importance, there is some inherent responsibility. To be fair and to be moderate. Hence the term Moderator. I found Mr Wallace remiss on many counts.

It was shambolic and it was not a debate. It was a food festival where a meat eater faced up to a rampant vegan and the judge was a vegetarian.

To be honest, I took notes during the debate and I will post them in my replies section.

In my opinion, Trump allowed Chris Wallace and Joe Biden to get off light. It was a soft serve ice cream from Maccas.

No one really cares about the first debate. It is the stage that is set for the final performance.

The actors assess the stage, the props and the backdrops and check out their ability to command the stage.

Biden did quite well actually. Better than I thought he would.

But he knows he still has to face the dress rehearsal and the opening night.It is my opinion that Trump was setting the stage and he is the producer, director and screenwiter of this thing we like to call the 2020 election.

I suspect that Trump has already cast Biden as the character who dies in scene 2.

My fear is who will appear in scene 3. 



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