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I just watched the DemocRAT debate online. 

 Has anyone got a link to a democRAT detox site? I feel the need to get rid of the poison I just absorbed listening to that debate...I watched and listened and I am in the corner clawing at my limbs and reaching for valium, bourbon and a euthanasia in Switzerland pamphlet..



Hmm... my gay father who married my lesbian transgender mother who gave birth to me as a non gender non coloured non person is why I believe that climate emergency is the most important thing as long as the climate change wants to change... geez! Seriously, it was like watching a group of so called " grown ups "  debate why they should become class president.

Is this honestly and truly the best that the Left can offer? A group of geriatric old fuddie duddies and a woman who said she is an American Indian promising to give everyone everything unless they happen to be American - in which case you get jack shit.

Don't get me wrong: I am an old geriatric fuddie duddie who lives with a geriatric old fuddie duddie cat and even I could see that this was a ridiculous line up of old has beens who need to pop off to some field some where in Kentucky and graze quietly on some grass - because, having watched this, it was as though they had been grazing on GRASS and the WEED had gotten the better of them.Not Kentucky grass but perhaps some home grown in Washington. 

No, it was an embarrasing debacle and one that caused me to assume the fetal position in the corner and gnaw my limbs off and contemplate suicide.

Either they are brainless and incompetent or they have a sneaky candidate up their sleeves. 

Like me, many others have thought that Michelle, Big Mooch, the Lady with the Loin; the Man with the " my goodness! " pants and skirts; the First Lady who was the second Man; the wife who put the Bar into Obama - yes, that one,  was waiting in the aisles ready to pounce onto the stage and save America from the Evil Don.


After this lamentable performance tonight from whimps, women and warriors for the left, I could not help but think: this is a circus from clowns ready for the star performer..


They play their roles so well: the clowns that entertain whilst the main act is waiting in the wings and ready to come on and delight the crowd.

If Michelle Obama is not the democRAT nominee I will eat my hat. And it is a Trump hat. 

If I am wrong, they are done for anyway. Thoughts of Madam Secretary standing again are over - hell, she can barely stand, let alone run.


No, unless the democRATS run the Big Mooch, they are done for. The debates tonight proved it.

If she/he/it/they/zit runs, Trump is in for a fight. But he has, as always, been a man, a rugged man, and he can and will Win.

Because he is the Master of the Art of the Deal and he has a way of always winning.

After all, President Trump has 2020 Vision.

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