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Trump is being pilloried by his enemies for downplaying the danger of Covid. Unlike many of the rumours and falsehoods hatched to discredit President Trump, this one I believe. Why? Because fostering Hope in times of Fear of the unknown is what great Leaders do.

As the great Sir Winston Churchill said War is a game played with a smiling face, but do you think there is laughter in my heart? 

Throughout the second World War, it was essential to keep spirits up, to foster hope and the hope that there would be a morning after – following night after night of despair and fear.

Londoners refuge air raids German Underground station 1940

As people fled to the sanctuary of the underground “ Tube “ in London during the horror of the Blitz, it became obvious that people should not cower in fear if they were to survive, not only physically, but emotionally and mentally.

The Blitz lasted from September 1940 until May 1941. 43,000 British civilians were killed and another 139,000 were wounded. What began with daytime bombing soon became a relentless campaign of terror with night time bombs trying to crush not only the homes and buildings of London, but to also crush the spirits of those people who endured Hitler’s wrath.

Children remains home London suburbs 1940

As the bombs spread to the city of Coventry, port cities including PlymouthPortsmouthBristolSwanseaMerseysideBelfast, Clydeside, Newcastle, and Hull soon endured campaigns of relentless destruction.

Source: Britannica.com

In the words of that amazing and brave woman Dame Vera Lynn

“It seemed to me then that entertainment would be the last thing people were going to worry about once the bombs started falling, but it turned out not to be the case at all.”

War is fought on physical and emotional levels. The conquest of a People is not just a war fought against their physical bodies, but also against their Will, their Willpower, the Will to live and the indefatigable human belief in better things to come.

In times of human suffering, we need each other. We need to feel joy, hope, promise of better things to come. Not to be locked up, arrested, frightened and full of despair.

Firemen work street raid London 1941

What has staggered me is the speed with which the crushing of the human spirit has travelled.

In less than one year, our enemy, the “ Virus “ has taken its toll predominantly in the crushing of our spirit, our sense of hope and our expectation of a future worth living.

Ably aided and abetted by many so called Leaders around the world who have seemingly conspired to make us so cowered in fear or cowered to laws that we have, as a result, in many cases become too afraid to live. Merely exist.

We tread water and aimlessly wander from one day to another and get bombarded with despair so regularly that hope is a distant memory from better times.

That President Trump may have offered a calming influence at a time of the fear of the unknown is a commendable and courageous act of a true Leader.

download 2020 09 10T144445.712

A man of compassion. A man of great courage who has, on a daily basis offered messages of hope and positivity in a time where others are determined to see us drowning in a sea of doom and gloom, despair and misery.

Each time I watch him and listen to him speak, I feel uplifted. Happy. He speaks of hope and expectation of triumph.

Each time I watch something from Australia, New Zealand or the American Left I cannot help but wonder why our Leaders are seemingly crushing hope and ignoring the lessons learned from history.

That hope fosters hope and, in times of grave threat, we must not encourage despair.

Again, the words of Dame Vera come to mind when she said

“My songs reminded the boys of what they were really fighting for, precious personal things, rather than ideologies and theories.”

20001150 vera lynn 1

And boy, do we need that right now.

Yet our elected Leaders, on so many fronts, ban smiles and laughter. After all, who can see a smile from behind a mask? Who can interpret a laugh as well intentioned – could it be a mock?

Yet another pregnant woman, a 38 week pregnant woman in Victoria, Australia was questioned by Police because she paused to rest on a park bench. It was “ against the law. “

In Queensland, A dying man has to chose which child he can see before he passes and subject his other 3 children to a life of resentment for their sibling being preferenced.

Yet Tom Hanks can fly in and not quarantine.

This destruction of our freedom and barrage of fear, misery and gratitude for any crumb given is repugnant to me.

We have had too many good men fight and be prepared to die for the freedom we are seeing denied to us.

Did they survive this to see what is happening to our country?


It is time for a call to say No. No more. We lost too many people fighting for our freedom in order to surrender it to a group of Leftist CCP loving sychophants who value money before honour and power and greed above Patriotism.

A warning for the Left: You may think you have won, but the war is not over yet.

“ The fruits of victory are tumbling into our mouths too quickly.”

Emperor Hirohito of Japan, April 29, 1942

Old mate Hirohito knew that arrogance was dangerous. 

The Will of decent People will always Triumph.

Unless decent People lose their Will.

Stay strong. 

download 2020 09 10T145523.970

This article is not about despair. It is about hope.

It is about over riding the propaganda and staying strong in the face of adversity. 

It is about drawing on our strength and resilience and love of each other and our countries.

It is about hope triumphing against fear. It is about supporting those who support us.

And Yes, Bob Hope, you gave hope and Vera gave hope. Trump is giving hope.

And what the hell is wrong with that?  




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