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What strange creature we humans are.   Its raining and we want the sun, the sun is shining and we want rain.  

Which makes me think of some golfing friends my husband and I had way back...   He was a chap from Europe who must have come out to Australia after the war. He and his wife settled in Noosa , and loved it.
After a number of years he said  he would get up in the morning and say    " oh no not blue skies again"  .    He decided to move to NZ and chose Rotorua as his destination.    Bought himself a comfortable home with thermal heating from the famous Rotorua hot springs.   After a number of years they closed the  thermal  access and just had it for the Hotels  and the more Tourist side of Rotorua.   His reaction to that was chopping wood for the fire.   Naturally he got sick of that , he was the one chopping the wood, so  they packed their belongings and moved back to Noosa again.

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We obviously like variety , must be a human trait.   Is that why the young ones are joining the protest groups and parading around shouting and screaming .
They are bored.   School with it's different type of teaching is not satisfying their inquisitive minds.    Is it only the Private schools and a handful of well run State schools that is holding the interest of the younger generation.  
Sports are a very important part in the  health and well being of the  growing young ones. 
Are we only  making sure they play footie , hockey  or net ball on Saturday morning?    and then when they get their heads into the Smart phone are we letting them give sports away for the rest of the week ?


No wonder  they have lost the plot.    I wrote an article re the bad manners and very queer ideas several of my great grandchildren had and the feed back was  that so many of us are finding the same problem .  They are rude, impolite  little pests.   Especially the 10 to 15 age group.   I think from all  accounts they think it is fun to shock and bait their older relations .     The parents don't seem to be able to say enough of that, and maybe we older grand parents  don't want to be the cause of a  family rift.   So we don't say anything at the time and complain later  when the reality has hit home.
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We have to get back to good old fashioned schooling, get rid of the  so called sexual enlightenment of our primers and little ones.   Plenty of reading,  writing  and history ,  use up their excess energy with a variety of   sports  and also honour  the deeds of our  Servicemen , our Fire fighters, our Policemen  and  Medical personnel and  especially our Country .    Start singing our National anthem and standing tall when the flag is blowing in the breeze.    Become proud of our Country and what it stands for , not lying face down or kow towing to inferior propaganda beliefs. Stand for your family.
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This morning for my luncheon casserole I was cutting up carrots and all I could think of was how  would love to have some of the people with their  warped  views  under my knife ..  they would soon have  very different ideals and see the error of their ways.
What a very special Grandmother I must be,  because Boot Camp and retraining would be the order of the  day .  We Oldies are the  voice of experience and don't they realize we know best  !!!
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