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Most people today know that the cuckoo is a rather sneaky bird. It lays its eggs in the nests of other birds leaving those unwitting innocents to rear the imposter as one of their own. The cuckoo thrives and eventually throws the other baby birds out to die.

Many of the older generation know the saying whereby someone is a cuckold , referring to a man who unwittingly rears a child, thinking that the little one is his own.

Well, I think we have been cuckolded and, if things don’t change, we will continue to be thrown out of our homes and left to perish.

While 20,000 people are homeless in Victoria, we are seeing cuckoos sitting in nests screeching for food and the bodies of Australians are lying under the public housing towers in the cold winter stare of poverty.

muslim woman says food she received in melbourne lockdown towers isnt halal

Something is very wrong when our veterans – around the world – lie homeless and neglected in an uncaring and critical world, while the cuckoos sleep in our nests, built by us, and demand food and more welfare to the detriment of the discarded and wounded natural offspring.

Our parents in this case are the cuckolded older generation who have been conned into raising migrants to the detriment of their/our own; paying hard earned taxes to build nests for the constantly screeching birds that demand more and more ; I fear that we are – via our governments – throwing our own chicks out of the nest in order to look after the imposter’s offspring.

In fact, we now have the other chicks ready to kill their parents in order to preserve the ‘ rights ‘ of the cuckoos.

Do these “ chicks ‘ not realise that, if they continue to abuse the hard working adult birds, they themselves will be without a nest or food for which to screech?


in Britain

This Flu is dividing us into the 3 groups as described in  Ken Kesey’s book, immortalized on screen with a movie starring Jack Nicholson, “ One flew over the cuckoo’s nest ‘ .

The character of ‘ the chief “ an inmate at a lunatic asylum remembers an old rhyme taught to him by his grandmother.

Three geese in a flock.
One flew east, one flew west,
One flew over the cuckoo's nest.
O-U-T spells OUT,
Goose swoops down and plucks you out.

This blog post is not about the movie – which delves into the fight between sanity and insanity and who is sane and who is not sane. About the allegorical representation of the inmate vs the ‘medical professionals. ‘

download 2020 07 08T154722.017

Or is it?

This Flu pandemic has seen our world descend in to a 21st century representation of a horror story where we are daily being subjected to shock treatment, a system of reward and punishment, locked up, detained and defamed for daring to speak out or go and have a fishing trip.

Remember the scene in the movie when the “ lunatics ‘ dare to escape and go on a fishing trip?

How many have been fined or prosecuted for going fishing or sitting in a park?



Because, for many of us, we live in the asylum that has become our world and the cuckoos are sitting up there, comfortable and fed whilst we all get thrown out of our nests and told to suck it up and do as we are told.

download 2020 07 08T155640

The third goose. Just as it says in the rhyme is our enemy as the rightful chicks in the nest are cast out.

Daniel Andrews and Anna Pluckaduck in Australia. Sleepy Joe Biden and numerous Governors and Mayors in America. Certain people like the goose who is the Mayor of London. The goose who cuckolded her way to being the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

They are all flying over the cuckoo’s nest and throwing us out of our rightful homes that we choose to call our countries.

ONE FLU has flown over the cuckoo’s nest and, apart from President Trump, no one has given us a safe place to land or in fact a way to stay safe in our nests.

 download 2020 07 08T155909.681

When this flu has conditioned us to being grateful that we survived the hard landing and we are thrilled to bits that all we have is a few bruises to show for our plummet from the security of our home and that the hard landing was worth it… I have to wonder. Are we just inmates in the asylum?

When we hit the ground with no job, no home, no savings and no future and look up to the cuckoos in our nests, will we see the goose from China and the Middle East swoop down and pick our carcasses?

Will we lie on the cold ground and say “ What have we allowed to happen?“




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