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We are seeing the faces of entire Nations, the history and the future undergo a complete makeover. It is not being done with lipstick, cosmetics or skin treatments at a day spa. It is a deliberate transformation. A completely new face. We are part of a full transformation and if it does not scare you, it should. 
The latest trend is making wearing masks trendy.. Tattoos have distorted our perception of a healthy human body and now we are being encouraged to hide our faces. Seriously, what the hell is going on? The honesty of a normal human being who ages naturally and wears wrinkles, body imperfections as a natural part of life - all disappearing in to a sea of fear and misinformation.
But we have a bigger problem at hand: distortion.  The distortion of Truth. 

By stealth, MSM has encouraged body messing and image messing. Tattoos are so in vogue. Cosmetics and cosmetic surgery is all so “ now “ .To be natural and normal is just not the “ modern thing “…. Expression through body “ art “ is just so “ cool “ and now, it is face masks. 

With this Batflu, courtesy of China, we have gone batshit crazy. We have taken insanity to a whole new level. Not only are people hiding their bodies, they are now being encouraged to hide their faces for FEAR that they could contract the Batflu and infect innocent people everywhere. 

This pandemic monstrosity of epic political proportions is a very large truck powering down the highway to hell. 

And people are signing up to stand in the middle of the road and get mowed down.

Well, I will not hide who I am and will not become veiled in silence and devoid of facial expression. I will not shield my smile, my anger or my sadness. The human face is essential to our society functioning as a society and not a group of empty slaves to conformity.


This entire Batflu, Wuflu, Chinese Coffiin Bug, Lurgy, call it what you will - MUST start being spoken about honestly and openly.

The Vampire Vulture that steals peoples lives and livelihoods was born in China. China sealed off the Nest from whence it came ( Wuhan ) from the rest of China but allowed it to spread throughout the Western World. Now, months later, we are fighting economic catastrophe and health issues that are so significant that Governments are introducing Draconian Laws to suppress us for " our own good. "

Can we please just say what needs to be said? That China is responsible for the economic collapse of our Nations and the destruction of so many lives and families? 

I watched a movie last night called " Amanda ". About a little girl who loses her mother to an islamic terrorist attack in Paris. It made me realise that the number of people who have died as " victims ' to this Batflu is misleading. Amanda's mother died - hence she was a victim. But what about all of the other victims? The little girl herself? Her 24 year old Uncle who had to raise her? The girl who was a pianist who could no longer play the piano because she was shot? For every person who is a VICTIM of this Chinese Plague, there are millions, if not billions, who are here, today, trying to pick up the pieces and forge on. 


In every country around the world, there are victims. Living Victims. We did not ( so far ) lose our lives but we have lost our incomes, ways of life, identity and sense of SELF. 

Yes, we are victims. Billions of us. 

When our Governments demand answers, request answers or gently say a " pretty please " to China, WE, the VICTIMS, the living victims, get bloody angry. 

Particularly when they PAY China to provide us with health aid at a price, warn us not to be threatening and suggest that we pull our heads in if we dare to question their stance in all of this.

We even have our Politicians and leading business people telling us that China has been simply marvellous. In fact, we should be grateful to China.

Our media are telling us that China is just the bees knees. 

Well, I am calling it out. 

China deliberately or otherwise dumped this horrific plague on us and destroyed everything we hold dear. Our present is a nightmare and our future is terrifying. China has taken everything from us: our sense of stability, our sense of normality and our sense of community.

Now, we are being told that we must now surrender our sense of self. 

The Right to show our Face. Our emotions. Our identity. All, seemingly done by those that control us through Media, Government and those who are part of us - fellow Citizens.

All we are left with is our eyes and our emotions and our memories of what life used to be like.  

Our sense of touch has been substantially changed. It will become increasingly dangerous to touch each other. Hugs, a handshake, a supportive arm have been BANNED.


Our five senses have been legislated against, tranquilised, stifled and suppressed.

To see, to hear, to speak, to touch… all sent scurrying to the cupboard under the stairs. For fear of being arrested or fined. 

The only thing that we will have left is our ability to FEEL.


And we can only experience that in our cupboard, under the stairs, in the dark and all alone.

We are frightened, concerned, wary and suspicious of those we once trusted.

So we keep our thoughts to ourselves and rarely share them unless we are in the company of those that we truly trust.

We are becoming isolated in an era where freedom of communication is at its greatest.

Yet our lives have never been more controlled or limited and all because some Lab or vile market in China launched a bio weapon upon us and we are now losing everything that we held dear. and, for some reason, this is Ok because they ( China ) said that they didn't mean to do it.



China did this. 

Make them bloody pay. 


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