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We have been conned. Apparently, the Virus only affects people at Church, Pubs and Funerals. Birthday parties, schools, restaurants and parks. Beaches and gymnasiums. But it does not affect people throwing bricks, looting, committing arson and bludgeoning people. 

Our State Leaders have shown us that they are impotent cowards who have swindled us, lied to us, cheated us of our incomes, families, beliefs and social structure for a pack of lies. And they are the only losers - not us - because their treachery has exposed them for what they are : spineless con artists with no integrity and no respect for us or themselves.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the lot of them. If, in two weeks time, there is a fresh outbreak of the Virus, they lose. Because they failed in their duty to uphold their own lockdown laws. If, on the other hand, there is no outbreak, they lose. Because they have shown us that this entire economic and social disaster was unnecessary.

No matter what, they are losers. 

How on earth they think that they are going to emerge out of this as winners is beyond logic: Backed by those that do not work, contribute nothing of value and seek only to bring down the very things that created our Nations in the first place. 

The vast majority of us are hardworking, decent, kind and tolerant people who work together as quiet achievers. We don’t create a fuss; we just get on with life.

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We are happy to do our bit and contribute by way of taxation or donation to those less fortunate than we are. All we ask is that we can live our lives as best we can and enjoy a few beers at the end of a hard days work. Go to Church, have a BBQ with mates, meet up with friends and family. We are not hard to please.

In times of crisis, we will do whatever we are asked to do if it means that we all get a fair go at seeing the light at the end of the crisis tunnel.


We have sacrificed so much as individuals and as nations for the Common Good. Many have lost their jobs, their businesses, their livelihoods and their futures for the Common Good.

We sacrificed our day to day freedom, we stayed at home and did as we were told by our Governments so that we could emerge out the other end with a chance to pick up the pieces and start again.

Our Nations have seen economic collapse, damage done to our countries that will take decades to set right. All because we were told “ we are all in this together.”

We were sold a lie. A terrifying whopper that we will never forgive.


Because we are not “ all in this together”. When political activists and Antifa thugs, ill educated morons and brainwashed leftie luvvies can mass in crowds of more than 30,000 , all around the world – and our Leaders allow this to carry on and, in many cases, actively encourage it – then no, we are NOT “All in this Together”

Many of us have been living in stress for a long time now. The bushfires here in Australia, when we saw Climate Change Arsonists deliberately light fires that destroyed our wildlife, people’s homes, businesses and lives; when vegan activists marched en masse onto people’s properties and burn down barns and steal animals and terrorise farmer’s innocent children ; when leaders sent virus infected people in to Nursing Homes to infect our vulnerable ; when they released dangerous criminals in to our communities because they worried that prisons might be hot beds of infection ; when we saw our doors slammed shut and our civil liberties taken from us ; when all of these things happened and we stood by and saw ordinary people fined and or arrested for sitting on a park bench or walking on a deserted beach ; when people were denied the comfort of being with loved ones at funerals, churches, pivotal times in their lives ;when ALL of these happened, we saw our lives draining away and comforted ourselves by saying

“ We are all in this together. “ Well, what a lie. What a load of rubbish.

My disgust and contempt for our State Leaders is beyond words. They will NEVER redeem themselves from this monstrous betrayal of our trust.

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And if I have to watch one more ad on TV telling me that we are all in this together, I might be tempted to pick up a brick and throw it at the TV – because that is as close as I will ever get to one of them again. They should all be too scared to ever show their treacherous faces in public again.

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