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Malcolm Turnbull, by trying to destroy decent people, destroyed what little integrity he had left. His venom has hurt no one but himself. The ABC, by supporting his hatred, has highlighted their disregard for Australia and Australians. 

It has been an extraordinary display of childish, nasty and incredibly vicious tendencies from a man who was leading our Nation for no other reason than we allowed him to be the schoolyard bully. Malcolm - putting the TURD and BULL shit into the spotlight.

One day, he may reflect on this book and its release and wonder why the hell he did it. Or is he so delusional that he still thinks that he was right? 

I will fess up, right now, I never liked the man.  I have no time for spoilt bullies. He is a typical narcissist who, as all narcissists believe,  thinks only of themselves. He stood for nothing except getting his own way. 

Malcolm Turdbull is and always has been, a nasty, vindictive piece of shit with no moral compass and no sense of decency. This book has shown all of Australia - and the world - that Malcolm is for Malcolm and no one could get in his way.

He is and always was a shocker. 

I could cope with the story about the boarding school and how traumatised he was at being sent there, only to wet his bed. I could cope with the story about the nasty person making him wash his own sheets. But seriously, to talk about being a traumatised 8 year old pissing his bed and being made to wash the dirty sheets? Was that to gain sympathy or to explain to everyone why he is such a sick, mentally ill and screwed up adult?  I got fired as Prime Minister because I used to wet my bed and had to wash my sheets because no one loved me .  Well, boo hoo, Malcolm Turd Bull. Boo bloody hoo hoo.

Plenty of kids had tough childhoods but they didn't go to a private boarding school. They grew up tough and in hardship. One only has to look at the most magnificent and inspirational man in Trump's inner circle, Dr Ben Carson, to see that childhood misfortune is not a reason for  insecurity - it is an excuse.

“Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next.”
― Ben Carson, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story


I think where the Malcontent Malcolm, alias the Turd really lost me was when he attacked Peta Credlin and Tony Abbott.

That was a mongrel act. 

Two people who have worked tirelessly for Australia and are both in stable and happy marriages. His inference of an unhealthy relationship - leaked under his watch - was distressing for both couples and the two main players involved.

His entire guardianship of our Nation was marred by leaks, inferences and innueondo. Trademark Turd attack mechanisms.

Turdbull was the Master of Sneaky. The Master of Nasty. the Master of Hypocrisy. And he loved himself.

When Peter Dutton challenged, he gave Australia the biggest gift we could ever have : the gift of Freedom. Freedom from the poisoned chalice of left wing masquerading as Conservative and the gift of the ability to return to normalcy.

I would have preferred Peter Dutton to be at the helm right now. I would prefer Matt Cannavan to be our Deputy PM. But I will take what I have got: Morrison who is pretty average but doing OK and better than Bill Shorten. McCormack who is pretty bloody useless but better than Penny Wong, and the sincere belief that Peter Dutton spared us the Chinese Communist Party in power in Australia under the guise of the Labor Party.

Because, no matter which way you toss it up or down, the Turd was and is in bed with China. The Labor Party is in bed with China. ABC is in bed with China. 

If Morrison wants to get serious about the Turd, China and the infiltration of China into Australia, there is something that MUST stop happening NOW. TODAY. 



 To learn more about the biggest bastard in Australian Political history check this out. Stop Turnbull. 

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