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We are facing the biggest showdown in the history of the modern world.  Part of me felt that I was watching Daniel before he walked in to the Lions Den - or, even, during a commercial break between rounds with the lions.

Here in Australia, we have circus ringmasters like Daniel Andrews and Anna Plucka duck Palaszczuk thinking that they can control our lives, yet President Trump is showing them up as dictatorial has beens who look like fools when compared with the Masterclass of Trump. And Mr Morrison, so called PRIME Minister of Australia, take the class and see how it is done.  

Trump is the real deal.

This rally did remind me of a Bible story about Daniel in the lion's den and how Daniel triumphed against all odds. 

I just finished watching the latest Trump Rally.  It was a much overdue dose of commonsense, unity and straight talking. 

To those of you who do not know the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den, here is a really short version of one of the greatest Bible stories ever written.

Daniel was living in a time where one Empire was rising as another was about to fall. It was 605 BC and Daniel was a hardworking guy and had always done good work and had become an amazingly skilled man in areas relating to commerce and administration. 

The problem was that Daniel was so good at his job that he had aroused jealousy and - because of his honesty and diligence, he posed a threat.  The other officials tried to get him removed from office but they couldn't make any of their charges stick


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In frustration, they ( the other officials ) tried to use his faith in God to get rid of him.

They threw every law they had at him, every accusation that they could find and eventually, Daniel was thrown in to the lions den. In many ways, the modern day equivalent of being thrown to the den of Main Stream Media, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the Left.

Daniel was a passionate and brave man and he stayed true to his beliefs.

That is how I felt today, after watching the Trump Rally in LaTrobe, Pennsylvania. I was watching a man who has been thrown to the lions and was still standing tall and true with courage and faith in his heart and the belief that good will triumph over evil.

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Yet I still feel fear and foreboding. 

Here is one man standing up to the fury, jealousy, hatred and condemnation of the left wing monster that is overtaking our world. How can he possibly triumph? 

How can one man save this FREE WORLD? 

Because, like Daniel, he cannot be bought or sold or transacted as a commodity.

The good news is that Daniel triumphed. Like Daniel, Trump has always been true to himself, his beliefs and his fundamental goodness of soul.

How many of us can say that?

Yes, he had made mistakes. But at his heart, his soul and his very essence, he is a good man. 

I found this on line and I republish it here. 

You're all welcome to Fact Check it....

The 14th of June, 1946 is the birthday of a boy born in the Jamaica district of Queens, NYC.
In 1995, his car has a flat tire. A black man walking by notices it's owner is wearing a suit. So he fixes the flat...

"How can I repay you?" asks our birthday boy. "My wife has always wanted some flowers" A few days later, the black man's wife gets a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a note saying, "Thanks for helping me. By the way,....the mortgage on your house is paid off...”

A USMC Sargent spends 7 months in a Mexican prison for a minor charge. He is beaten. The man from Queens sends him a check for $25,000 "To get you started."

A black bus driver saves a suicidal girl from jumping off a bridge. Our Queens man sends him a check for $10,000..

A rabbi's critically ill son needs to get from NYC to California for specialty care. No airlines will fly him. The generous man pays for a private flight for the child.

This kind man from Queens commits many other "quiet acts of random kindness."

A wise man once said "If a man's heart is good,....Nothing else matters.
And if a man's heart is bad,....Nothing else matters."

Who is this kind man?

A man with a gold heart.

This Is My President And I Will Vote For Him This November.

President Trump, We Are All Rooting For Your Second Term!

Never have I admired a Politician, dare I say Statesman, as much as I have admired Donald J Trump , the President of the United States of America.
A man of conviction, courage and passion. A man who dares to stand in the Lion's Den and confront those who many of us would dare not confront.
I am proud to declare my support for President Donald J Trump as - not only the only hope for America, but the only hope we have throughout the Western World. 
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