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The latest member of the woke brigade is a very cranky indigenous female who has joined our Senate as a member for the Green Party.  Shit, she sure looks Indigenous to me..... Not. 

She has a ( here I go again ) white father and a black mother. 

I find it somewhat puzzling that Lidia hates the race that gave her birth. After all, she is actually part white. Every time she dumps on " White Australia " she is dumping on the man who provided the DNA and the sperm that created that little one that was not aborted and was not denied an education. Her parents, black and white, gave her opportunities to grow and prosper yet, poor Lidia, hates her Papa so much because he is the worst thing that any human being can be.

He is not a pedophile. He is not a wife beater. He is not and never has been an abuser of children. He is her Papa. Her father. But apparently, he is a despicable human being for daring to be a descendent of desperate people trying to make a new life for themselves.

He is WHITE.

And according to Lidia, white people are bad.


What invaders ( sarcasm) 

As Me Me Markle .closed the door on her father, we are witnessing a new phenomenon that would have been unheard of decades ago. That, where you hate a parent for the colour of their skin or the country of their origin.

The denial of your heritage and your ancestral beginnings.  

In other words, " I am black because, right now, it is beneficial to do so. "  At least, when it comes to my pay cheque.

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Bet your bottom dollar, the same people would declare their whiteness if it made them a few bucks. 

Barry Soetero aka Barack Obama did the same; his white mother was merely a vessel that carried him to life. He is black because it was time to be black.

Talk about bloody racism.

Denying a parent because of their fair skin or their inability to sit in the sun without burning is hardly the sign of a loving son or daughter. 

Lidia Thorpe is also a bankrupt, in more respects than appears on face value. 

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According to Australian Law, you cannot hold Public Office as a bankrupt so how has that happened?

In 2013 she was declared bankrupt with $600,000 in debts including $55,000 to the Australian Taxation Office. She has attributed her bankruptcy to domestic violence, stating "like many survivors of family violence, I ended up losing everything in a bid to protect myself and my family from an impossible situation"

Our Constitution contains a section that outlines several situations which disqualify a person from being chosen or of sitting as an MP or Senator. One of these is bankruptcy.

Section 44 Disqualification
Any person who….
(iii) is an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent….
…. shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a Senator or a Member of the House of Representatives….

so I am buggered if I can work out how she is in the Australian Senate.

It certainly isn't because she is white.

It does not matter if she is elected or chosen to fill a vacancy: this troubled human being is occupying a seat in the Senate that she is not entitled to according to the law of Australia.

It has nothing to do with her fractured view of people with fair skin, freckles and a genetic heritage that is no doubt 50% of her own. 

No, it is all about her hatred of Australians and her venom towards anyone who does not agree with her views.

She, like Me Me Me Again aka the Duchess of Success is she merely a money grabbing media hound, in it for the money?

How she got to do the money grab, sit in the Senate as a bankrupt is beyond me. It is a bloody puzzle, isn't it?

And this woman was rejected? By the Northern Territory?

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Jacinta Price is a proud Indigenous woman. Hell, if I could nominate one person to go to meet President Trump, it would be her

She epitomises the same things that DJT does:

Commonsense solutions to commonsense problems.

If we could get rid of the Lidia Thorpes, the me me me and the bullshit artists who have no idea what is going on in the world, we might just have a chance.

Hell. how many of us with white parents could file for divorce from our debts, our white parents, declare bankruptcy and head off to Canberra on the Gravy Train.?

Jacinta has never booked a seat. 



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