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Disposable face masks (single use face masks) are produced from polymers such as polypropylene, polyurethane, polyacrylonitrile, polystyrene, polycarbonate, polyethylene, or polyester.

Microplastic or Nanoplastic particles in masks are breathed into the airways and can have damaging long-term effects on the health of the lungs.

So, are there plastics in masks? You don't need to understand the words in this video except for the word " plastic "

What damage are we doing to our bodies by wearing these masks that contain particles of plastic and are known to be dangerous? What damage are we doing to young infants and children? What are the ramifications for people who are running, jogging and exercising, and breathing in deeply? 

I can't help but wonder if this is another asbestos type disaster in the making.


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Microplastic or Nanoplastic particles in masks are breathed into the airways and can have damaging long-term effects on the health of the lungs. source

Plastic fibres in lung tissues are, according to researchers,  “candidate agents contributing to the risk of lung cancer” 

It seems to me that, in this fight to control a virus that has turned our world into a prison, closed down our communities and destroyed our freedom, this virus that has turned people into fear-filled shadows of their former rational selves; this virus that has seen our elderly locked up and deprived of human contact for months on end; this campaign of fear that has taken us back centuries in social interaction.... has now inflicted the use of masks that could potentially kill us due to the enforced mask wearing?

Where have our brains gone? When did commonsense get banned and idiocy take over? 

How many people of late are dying from Stage 4 advanced lung cancer and they have never smoked? How many more people will fall ill in the months, years and decades to come because of a well-intentioned mask mandate where our so-called ": health experts " have inflicted their personal OPINIONS on us and our Governments have blindly followed their " expert advice? "

" With the novel coronavirus still looming in our communities, there is a strong ongoing demand for personal respiratory protection devices. Supported by the latest guidance from WHO, many regulatory bodies have made these a compulsory requirement for the public when using public transport, or in certain settings where it is difficult to maintain adequate physical distancing.

Respirable hazards such as micro(nano)plastics in these, if pervasively exist, may pose a public health concern. Children, the elderly, and individuals having chronic respiratory diseases may be particularly sensitive to this type of inhalable contaminants.

With a growing body of evidence on their adverse effects, micro(nano)plastics is an active research domain with a quickly expanding scope. Researchers studying their inhalation, via atmospheric or other anthropogenic sources, are now facing the reality that there is a piece of plastic garment on top of the mouth and nose of millions of people every day. With these becoming a necessity for many in their daily life and work, questions must be raised over this apparent regulatory gap concerning their long-term use safety. The current pandemic, if anything, should bring this particular issue under scrutiny. " source 


We are all very concerned about the ramifications of the vaccine that we are encouraged to take. Some of us are very loathe to inject something into our body that has not been properly tested and trialed. Yet millions of people around the world are either voluntarily or, by " requirement " being forced to wear masks that may be dangerous to our health in their own right.

There are so many questions unanswered and so many concerns that, surely, we have a right to understand fully, before we are forced to comply with. 

I had a friend who told me that, as a child, he grew up in Western Australia where, decades ago, they mined asbestos. Their childhood sandpits were full of the stuff. As he said recently " if my parents had known what they know now, we would never have been near the stuff. "


 While the vaccines may be the thalidomide of the future, are the masks our future asbestos?



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