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My last visitors I carefully placed 6 feet apart and  there were no hugs hello we sat like good little children obeying the rules.  A nice visit but very restained...  that was the  plan followed for visitors.   
But yesterday , I, Redhead,  got a telephone call from a dear friend of mine,    originally and still is a  friend of my two sons.    He said I am up your way , okay if I call in?    Sure , see you for afternoon tea.    What a welcome we looked at each other and a  big hug was given and received.    If the "no contact"  is still in place it wasn't yesterday afternoon.     It put a new feeling back that hadn't been there for over 3 months.   It felt normal , it felt free .  We have been so restrained and guarded that relationships have suffered and in consequence we have suffered such withdrawal. 
I walk the  dog and meet up with neighbours , we chat , comment on the weather , do a moan about the Lockdown,    sometimes  a brief encounter and sometimes friendly and cheerful discussions, but still with the keep our distance.    Shopping at the local IGA which is smaller than the big Coles.   Makes you feel safer , mostly locals.     I do hope we start and become a bit more adventuresome and  get back to the  bigger venues   and accept  life as it used to be....   but it does make you wonder.
I have spoken to several of my older neighbours and they have said they feel unsure and not in control of their lives .    Which of course is true, we have been issued these orders, stay inside , don't mix with people,  try and manage without  going   to the shops too often.     No one is "allowed " to visit or have contact with  you …
the oldies.   Can you see what a thrill it was to have this lovely  free  and spontaneous welcome yesterday.   Back to conveying  the feeling of .. It is lovely to see you.
We sat around the coffee table , drinking  coffee and enjoying several sweet treats  and best of all chatting and engaging as we used to do.    News about our families, how is a particular friend who had been ill, the only thing we  didn't and couldn't talk about was holiday plans or planned visits from overseas  friends and relations.
Because that is one thing we have no control over.    That is still with the Powers that Be , their decision.   But the decision to get back to normal behavior and friendly greetings  is ours.
I have found if you dare to say or make reference to the Lockdown and how restrictive it is,  some people get quite heated and say but it is for your own good.  and I think they really mean it.    But  they are the very ones that have been going about their business with no restrictions.    They have not had the mental change that a lot of older people have had to endure.   No visitors  from  out of State, no relations spending a holiday  with them , very little contact with the outside world,  Just listening or watching the same depressing news on the TV.
How very stimulating and inspiring  !  I don't think! 
I spent the rest of yesterday  afternoon and evening in a very different mood from any other evening in a very long time.   Things were looking up and maybe we are near the end of this horrible time.  
Maybe we  will be giving hugs and laughing again , enjoying the company of friends and family .  I certainly  pray that is coming.

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