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My late Uncle taught me that if I was not prepared to lose it, don’t risk it. They are wise words indeed, particularly in light of what we are currently experiencing and enduring.

He was talking about a time when I went to him with a business idea. I was seeking feedback from older relatives about whether or not I should mortgage our family home in order to start a business venture. It was something I felt would be a real winner, a great idea and sure to succeed.

I had done my business plan, my projections and looked at the market need. It all looked profoundly  positive and I suppose, in retrospect I was not so much looking for feedback of a critical nature, but one that patted me on the back for having been so brilliant as to come up with this gap in the market.

I went to see my Uncle and asked for his input and opinion.

He said:

‘ At the moment you own a small 1000 sq foot house in the suburbs. You own a second hand car and you have two small kids and a hardworking wife. You have a job and you have food on your table.

What you are proposing is that you risk all of that to maybe, just maybe, get a bigger house, a brand new car and better food on a better table. You might even get an extra bathroom.

If it works out, you will be a hero. If it doesn’t, you will lose the roof over your head, your car and maybe even your family…. And you will need to quit your job to do this business.  

If you are not prepared to lose it, don’t risk it. “


I went home and tried to imagine what it would be like without my predictable way of life. The weekend BBQ with friends and their families, the  morning queue at the one and only bathroom, the Sunday morning ritual of mowing the lawns and washing the car that had clocked up more years than it had ever been intended to – the lumpy sofa and the kids moaning about not having the latest things their friends had.

I shelved my dream and went on to a be a secure and safe husband, father and a normal bloke who owned his humble home and saw his children grow up to be good and responsible parents, loving spouses and holders of good, safe, stable jobs.


I have thought about that story a lot over the past few months.

Every day, we are being put in the position of risking something of great importance to us. Our freedom of movement, our jobs, our homes and ways of life in order to supposedly keep our health.

In order to keep our health we are being told, yes, told, to risk our homes and jobs so that we can be healthy enough to sign the mortgagee in possession foreclosure papers, see our nations and livelihoods sold to Chinese companies and our ways of life, our security and self esteem destroyed because of draconian impositions by our Governments.


Those of us who cannot cope with this are committing suicide – such is the damage being inflicted on families and individual decent people.  How are they doing this, given so many of us have no guns or readily available means? Yet, they are managing to do it. Such is their desperation for the PAIN to go away.

What we have been told to do is risk OUR ways of life – not THEIRS – ( Government overlords ) so that we are spared the potential death from a Virus that we should never have had to fight in the first place, had our border protection laws been in place.

I had the choice. It was my choice, my wife’s choice whether we were prepared to risk all that we cherish in order to do something that may or may not have worked out.

Now, we are being instructed, told, that we must do something that will damage generations of people, by people who have never been asked to risk a goddamned thing.


Where do we go from here?

MSM is controlling the narrative. Through F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing Real. I want some facts. Not False Evidence Appearing Real.

We are at a crossroads in our lives. Our Governments are controlling our lives. They are not the People that are going to suffer the consequences of their actions. WE ARE.  Have we become so compliant that we do as we are told? Through Fear? Not through prudent thought, reasoned and rational thinking.

No. We do it through Fear. And F.E.A.R.

My Uncle Pete would not be happy. 

Fear is healthy. F.E.A.R is not. 



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