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The Wuflu was deliberately hatched in China and Chinese people who are infected are sent out to spread the “ message “.

Hubei Province, riddled with the infection, is shut off from the rest of China but flights continue from Wuhan to the rest of the Globe.

This has the effect of shutting down Global Economies and bringing the west to a standstill. We are all on “ hold “ in that circle of “ your call is important to us – please keep holding. Do not hang up because you will lose your place in the queue. “

So we sit, on hold, waiting and waiting and hoping that we will be answered.

Meanwhile, behind the recorded message, the Powers that Be are racing around trying to find out what the hell is going on and how they fix the mess.

So, what the hell is going on behind the scenes? It sure as faith is not a Black Death of Biblical proportions… not by a long shot. It has been a bad flu bug that targets the elderly and the already unwell.

HOWEVER, it seems to love confined spaces. Like cruise ships and nursing homes.


Yet we are told that we are not allowed to go outside and sit in a park or walk on a beach?  So we sit on hold and wait for our call to be answered so that we can find out what is REALLY going on.

Children are taken out of schools. Businesses such as restaurants and bars are closed down. Yet supermarket staff are seemingly immune to this virus. How does that work?  How can someone work in a store that is full of people and produce have a cone of immunity around them? How?

I have been “ on hold “ now for some weeks. Waiting for my call to be answered so I can ask the question

What is really going on?

I keep getting those almost recorded messages telling me that the curve is being flattened and I must continue to hold the faith – but I never get TOLD anything, other than I need to keep up the good work.


I am getting tired of being on hold. I want someone to answer my call and explain to me that it isn’t really about THE VIRUS at all. I want someone to tell me how it is and why it is that we have allowed China to bring our Nations to their knees because of a virus that has killed fewer people than the normal flu kills each year.

I want someone to explain to me why every death these days is from the Wuflu. Why someone in the terminal stages of Cancer dies, not from Cancer but from the Wuflu.

I am reminded of an old Goons skit where Moriarty wants to get rid of a hell of a lot of brass band instruments that he owns so he tells Neddy Seagoon that there is a lurgy that can be cured if people own a brass band instrument.


When I get off hold, I want to know what the brass band instrument is, who Moriarty is and why it is so important that it has brought the Western World to economic and social disintegration.

Contenders of course for the role of Moriarty are Bill Gates, with his “ vaccine “ , Geroge Soros and his cohorts of the Clintons and the Obamas with their “ New World Order “ and the Chinese with their Clarion call of world domination.

Or all of the above?

Bill Gate’s vaccine is a very plausible leader in the nominations list: his vaccine could implant a micro chip in everyone so that we can be put under surveillance and controlled by a satellite up there somewhere… hell, tracking apps are being downloaded by people on hold and they TRUST their Government and the developers of the App to “ do the right thing “. I say Bullshit to that.

Georgie Boy? The Nazi collaborator? In tandem with the crime lords? Well, world domination and the destruction of Trump is high on their agenda so it is possible.

The Chinese? Ditto all of the above.

All comes down to money, power and domination.




My feeling is that, after being on hold for over a month, this is a pause button to create fear and uncertainty, economic collapse, the shut down of the popularity of President Trump and their last ditch effort to CONTROL US.

Well, you Band of Brass instruments, you blowers of hot air and you trombones of traitors I have this to say to you.

Trump has a Golden Trumpet and, if he returns to the Gold Standard, you will be blowing tin whistles when he has finished with you.

And, when I get off hold, I will be asking MY Government this question:

“ Were you doing this for us or against us? “

Because that is what I really want to know right now. I really want to know if locking me up was to help preserve my freedom or to diminish it?

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