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Today is the anniversary of my father's passing. I normally spend it with Redhead and we do something that we know he would have enjoyed. Yet here I am today, with food poisoning because I broke my cardinal rule and bought some packaged soup - made in Thailand.  I never checked the label. I just grabbed it because I was feeling lazy and the picture on the packaging was very pretty. 

It got me to thinking. Have we become lazy and are we falling for deceptive packaging? This whole Chinese Virus terror is tearing our lives apart and we have become communities and nations poisoned by clever marketing and the picture on the box is just one gigantic campaign of fear. 

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Unlike my soup, which had a pretty image of fresh vegetables and roasted chicken with which to tempt me to be lazy and throw my normal caution to the wind, the Wuflu has been packaged with a skull and cross bones on the front cover and a huge warning sign in flashing neon letters stating that we are all going to die if we do not obey THE RULES.

I spoke with Redhead this morning and said that I was pleased that my Dad passed 5 years ago. He would have hated the world that we are currently enduring.  As an ex Naval man, who served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War and later in the New Zealand Navy, he would not have recognised the world that we have become today in 2020.

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I watched Alan Jones last night where Alan so rightly pointed out that most of our deaths are of people of older years. They may have died with Covid but perhaps their lives were only shortened by months or weeks?  It reminded me of when my dear father was ill and he was resuscitated only to die a day later in agony because of the broken ribs and bruising he endured in order to save his life. His time on this earth was over. One day more? Who profited from this? Certainly not my beloved Dad. 

I accept that the staff were doing their job and performing their duty of care. But Dad had made his wishes known. Do not resuscitate. But he was " saved " nonetheless.

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Our older residents are stressed. Really stressed. All around the world, stress levels are through the roof. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. We are fed up with being fed up.

People are dying with Covid. Not FROM it, WITH it. But they were going to die anyway. Whether or not it was today, tomorrow or next week, that death was already inevitable. 


So why kill off our economies, our Childrens futures, our Grandchildrens futures and our Great Grandchildren's futures to protect those that are, in reality, not being protected at all?

I know that my Dad  would have been a very vocal opponent to this concept of lockdown and social isolation. How do I know this?

Because I know my Dad.

I spent so many hours in conversation with him and we often touched on the survival instinct of the people of Britain during the Blitz. He said that what kept Britain going during that dark time was the companionship and shared experience. The physical closeness of people in the Tube who huddled together and sang and joined hands and embraced and felt the warmth of human contact at a time when all seemed lost.

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We are being sold a packet of soup with a terrifying image on the package and told to never get close to another person because it is dangerous.

In times of crisis, personal, familial or nationally, the one thing we could always do was have a hug and a cuddle. We are now looking at each other suspiciously and stand back, fearful that someone may " infect ' us.

Many years ago, the world was taken over by a fear of AIDS  In 1987, our magnificent Lady Diana shook hands with an AIDS sufferer and she broke the taboo that existed back then. What a gal. What an extraordinary thing to do. Take note Megs, walk the walk.

Lady Di walked through Landmines in Angola. Harry did it when they were cleared. Long gone.

royals 1

Our young are trying to walk the walk that our parents walked but fail dismally because the only fear they feel is manufactured through social media, MSM and the corridors of their selfish and ego driven minds.

Our Governments are on a marketing campaign ( apart from President Trump ) to retrace the steps taken by heroes without the risk. In short, our so called leaders are constantly spruiking fear to win their next pay cheque.

 download 2020 08 04T114227

So why am I fed up with being fed up? Why am I sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Because all around the world, we are paying Politicians to represent us and all they do is hire bureaucrats to do the job they are paid to do.

We are being sold a packet of Asian soup with a label that makes us think it is all good and in actual fact, the soup is giving us a pain in the arse.

In truth, we are being denied one of the most fundamental needs of humankind: a hug.

When we lose contact with each other, we are doomed.

Today, 5 years ago, my father died. My brother was with him. They held hands. They sat in silence, together. My Dad held his son's hand and with that tender touch, he left us. My brother said that he saw Dad's heart slow and and slow and eventually become quiet. 

But he kept holding his hand. 

Thank God he had that hand to hold on to. 





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