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Guest post - posted by BK on Richardson Post ( with permission)

" Australian politics have become an exercise in deceptive behaviour by our elected representatives who speak nonsense about settled science and must accept it, express annoyance that GMH has decided to leave completely and ignore all the political decisions that caused it, beginning with the 1975 UN Lima Agreement, signed the Paris Agreement and an emissions (CO2) reduction target but many are now pushing for zero by 2050 which was not in the Paris Agreement that is still in place, etc. "

Are we witnessing the death of Australia as we knew it? 


" Now that unworldly 38 year old accountant NSW Minister for Energy and Environment Keane is pushing to legislate diesel-electric locomotives out of business, the road transport firms are saying that would clog the highways with many more B-Doubles and be self defeating. Sydney Mayor Clover Moore managed to get approval from the Councillors to send a letter to the PM demanding zero emissions by 2050.

UN Agenda 30 - Sustainability continues to impact on our cost of living and businesses/farmers/industries, but that as signed by the Keating Federal Labor Government but as with treaties and federal-state powers and rights the States are implementing Agenda 30, but we the people were never asked for approval.

Bushfires from a lack of land management - Agenda 30 State National Parks and lack of new dams for water to fight bushfires and for people and farming etc.

Seafood imported, Marine National Parks, Agenda 30.

And the last goes on, a very long list of economic vandalism, cost of living rising up and up, and more, but no referendums to allow the people to have our say.


Meanwhile far too many Australians debate and argue trivial by comparison matters like climate change hoax, and ignore that it is a smokescreen to hide socialism masquerading as environmentalism, redistribution of developed nation's wealth and attacking free market capitalism that gave us wealth and prosperity.

It is driving me nuts. I do email politicians and try hard to spread the word here and elsewhere but that's all it is, words and many or most politicians ignore words and continue to do the bidding of foreign interests via UN and even EU.

Three levels of government with the third, local government councils, effectively controlled by state governments, and state have powers and constitutional rights that federal cannot penetrate without much effort and trouble and even then the political damage might be terminal. And not only does a PM need Cabinet solidarity and party room support, a PM would need opposition parties support in the majority in Legislative Assembly and the Senate.

And maybe in various matters a referendum or several.

So, excuse me if I miss something ... chain of decision making;

Federal Government
Federal Government Departments
State Governments (Territories answer to Federal)
State Government Departments
Local Councils
Non-government organisations advising government like Human Rights & Equal Opportunities Commission and Tribunal toothless tiger that can impose penalties but only courts of law can uphold them or enforce penalties.
These NGOs are also councils, tribunals, commissions, etc.

Murray-Darling water has a bureaucratic mess of controllers, one example.

Snowy Mountains Hydro 1 was a Federal project but it took ten (10) years to gain essential State cooperation. This is always a stumbling block.

And the above is simplistic, the red and green tape tangle is huge. "


Oh what a tangled web we weave when you practice to deceive.... and the spider behind the web is allowed to carry on un checked. In fact, it is being fed.

What is wrong with us? Are we sitting back and allowing death by a thousand cuts? It sometimes feels that way to me.


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